Friday: The 13th.

Do you believe in the bad luck curse of today? Or not?

Personally, I don't.  I've never had anything bad happen to me on Fri. 13th, welllllll... except a ticket... but I don't want to discuss that ;)...

I just think it's too funny how people get all caught up in the fact that today is supposedly such bad luck and whatnot.. 

So.. what is everyone's plans this weekend?  Mine is going to be pretty easy going.  I am going to hang with my man tonight (yaaaay!!! =) ) and then head over to Peyton and TJ's birthday party tomorrow!  I'm thinking about taking Jenna with me and let her get out with her favorite aunt (haha!) And then, of course, Sunday is church and laziness.  It all sounds like a good plan to me :)

I think Jenna and I will have a little me and her day :)  I'm sure pictures are coming.  OH and I plan on getting those other pictures on those posts just sitting here... PROMISE! :)

Everyone have a fabulous weekend! :) 

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  1. Your blog design is adorable! Hopefully nothing happened on your Friday the 13th... :)



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