I'm excited!

I had a good weekend!

Not that the others have been bad, but it was just more normal I guess.  Friday night B and I ate a quick dinner I threw together (but turned out awesome, right babe?) and then we went to Walmart and Lowe's.  This had became a regular thing for us on Fridays nights prior to vacation so we picked it right back up! LOL

We also went by and visited with B's mom.  The daycare she works at was having a sleepover for the boys and two of his nephews were involved so we went by to crash the party a few.  Whew, those boys were WILLLLLLD.  But it was cute watching them all run around with their little gym shorts on and acting like "big boys." ha!  Little do they know what the world has in store for them in their futures.. ha!

After that we went back home and went to bed fairly early.  We are becoming such old people.  But that's okay with me.  Saturday morning I got up and fixed his coffee and he left for work.  I got dressed and went shopping with Mom for Jenna's upcoming birthday.  We ended up getting her several presents and just had a good day out and about together.   We haven't really gotten to do that much lately so it was nice. 

B and I chilled at my parents' house that night with my brother, sister in law, and Jenna.  Then we came home and just relaxed.  Sunday...Oh Sunday.  I was useless.  ha!  But I did end up finding a new show that I liked.  It's probably been out awhile, but Swamp Brothers.  It had me cracking up and I seriously sat there and watched like 6 episodes in a row, hahah!  I was trying to tell B about it last night and apparently it's funnier when you watch it yourself because he didn't laugh at what I thought was so funny, ha!  #fail.

Last night was the Children's Choir show at their church.  This is the same show they performed while we were on vacation.  It was SOOOO good and I'm proud of Blake and Bryce.  They did amazing jobs!

Now.. in other exciting news.  I am finally going to be able to do more with little ole blog... I ordered a computer this past Saturday during the shopping trip and it should be here Wednesday!! So I might just change the look at this blog a bit when I get the new computer and get some time!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! :)

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