The King.

Some of you know, some don't.   I live in the NE part of Mississippi.  On any normal given day, there is a whole of nothing that occurs here.  Or anywhere near here for that matter.

But today, just a little over an hour away there is something happening.

People are celebrating The King.  Yes, Elvis Presley.

August 16th is the 35th anniversary of his death. 

Now, while I'm not just the biggest Elvis fan myself, I do have a great deal of respect for the man.

And I think it's cool he was born 45 minutes away from my house ((Tupelo, MS)), and died a little over an hour away in Memphis, TN.

Anyway, I was looking around at the news today and found this article.. So if you're an Elvis fan, here's a little tidbit.

Another cool link with some photos.. Click here.

Isn't it amazing to still have that kind of effect on people 35 years after your death?  Amazing.

And I thought it would only be fitting to end this with a true Elvis quote..

"Thank you, thank you very much."


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