This past Saturday was the tractor pull at Mercer, TN.
B & I had been wanting to take the boys for awhile because we thought they would really enjoy it.

And we were right.

They were SO funny when that first tractor went down the track & had such excitement on their faces.  It made it completely worth it right then.

Here is a few snapshots from the night:

In other news, my dad was also a little excited.

It turns out that we were watching dad's newest toy...

Yes, I'm dead serious.  He and my mom went Monday and picked it up. 
Some of you might be wondering just what that thing even is.. && honestly a few years ago I would have too.

That, my friends, is called an OutLaw.

I know, I know.
[It frightens me too...]

So anyway, dad and B and my brother, Kevin, are all excited about this beauty.  Of course it needs lots of TLC.  As in: A hood made.  A paint job.  Decals carefully placed and spaced. And the biggest of them all....

A name. 

Yes, they name them. 

So, ladies, ny suggestions?  Keep in mind it needs to be manly... and it's probably going to stay somewhere in that color family.. So..c'mon!

Oh, and soon as I get the first video of this baby going down the track, I'll show you what this Outlaw is all about.. Trust me, you will be amazed. 

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