Time out.

I'm taking a mini-break from blogging.

No, I'm not sick or anything.  I just need some time.

I think in today's society we all get so wrapped up in our lives and what all we have going on that we forget to make time for ourselves.  And that's why I'm doing this.

So starting today, no blogging, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram.  If you need me, text me or email me.  The only outlet I will still have open for my checking is my Facebook messages app.  And that's simply because that's my only line of communication with my long lost family that I spoke about in an earlier post.  And they will be the only people I answer via Facebook messages (no offence!)

My break is short, but necessary.  I will be "offline" from today until Sunday afternoon sometime.  I just want to take some time to enjoy my life with my family and friends right in front of me.  It has seemed like this week I keep hearing about people facing devastation in their lives, so I want to make it more of a point to keep my life with those I love more on a personal level than spending "time" with them and sitting on different social media outlets. 

There will be a day when these very people will be gone from my life and I want to be be able to look back and remember memories with them and all the fun we had.  

This is just a personal decision, and I am glad you all understand! 

But like I said, I'll be back next week.  And there's a giveaway coming! :)


  1. I can completely relate! Our society spends WAY too much time these days on the internet and the computer, myself included. Enjoy your rest and I look forward to seeing you when you get back! :)


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