This past weekend was so great.  I took time out and away from my phone and social media and got more in touch with what's important in life- loved ones!

Right after work I went and picked up the boys.  I was so excited to get to see my little men! These three are always a bucket of fun!  
We got back to my house and while they played on the Wii, I helped B as much as I could.  My poor baby had to replace my refrigerator!  
My mom brought Jenna down to my house so J could see the boys.  She loves the boys and talks about them all the time when they aren't around.  I'm so thankful for a blended family! :)

After the house was semi-back together after the new fridge was in, B and I went out the dinner with the boys and Bethany and Brandon.  It's always good to spend time with my future SIL and BIL :) 

Since Bryce's games are over, I didn't have to get up and out too early so I took the chance to sleep in a little! I gotta admit, it was nice!

Once I got up and around, I went to my mom's house to visit with her and Jenna since J had spent the night with her "Nana"...

She is currently in potty training, so as a reward for doing so well, mom got her this really cute baby doll who is also potty training!  Her little potty flushes and it says encouraging phrases like "Way to go!" and "No more diapers!"  
Very, very cute and Jenna loved it!!
 And then she painted my nails and hers.  
Can I say I'm thankful for child nail polish that peels off? HA!

I love that B and I have wonderful families with kiddos who mean the world to us!  

Now, just for fun.. I'm currently looking back through old family photos.  I ran across some of yours truly.

I'm such a catch.


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