Our Day...

So Thursday is always mine and B's night.  We try and spend it alone, if we can, but sometimes that doesn't happen.  I usually cook, he watches Moonshiners, and we just enjoy being together. 

But this past Thursday he wanted to grill.  And I was all in favor of it.

You see, my man can grill.  Like REALLY grill.  
((I think all that watching Diners, Drive-In's, & Dives has rubbed off!))

So I got off work, drive home, and find my sweetie sitting on the front porch, with a glass of sweet tea of course.
Yes, I need to do some major curb appeal.  I already got the plans in my mind..... :)
Lots of new paint is involved!

He just makes me heart skips beats.  Looooooove him!!!

Now, I mentioned he was going to grill for me...

And he did. 

Oh boy, he did.

My heart skips beats....

...and my tummy full. :)

I got a keeper... who grills! ;)  SCORE!


  1. Grilling rocks! And is that Texas toast I see?? Yummm.

  2. Yummmmy! Blake can grill too and I love it!!! We are lucky girls! ;)

  3. yummm that looks so good!

  4. Ok that picture of him on the porch? Adorable! He can grill for me anytime! That food looks delicious!!


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