Honey Day!

Today is all about our honey's! :) And they say it's our day. 

Love is in the air.. :)

Well, it's no different around here in my neck of the woods.  I got a surprise this morning when the flower shop delivered my dozen roses and teddy bear!  Man, he knows how to get me! ;)

And since me and B are different than other couples, my roses were mixed.  3 red, 3 pink, 3 yellow, and 3 white.  There is always white roses when my baby brings me flowers.  It's kind of our thing, "white" and all! :)  If you are new around here, or don't know.. my last name will be "White" so the white roses really stick out as special to me! :)

B- Happy Valentine's Day to you sweetie.  Thank you for my GORGEOUS roses and new teddy bear! You truly amaze me more every single day with how much more I can fall in love with you.  But it's truly a miracle to know you're my forever Valentine!  :)  I love you to the moon and back! :) 
And now to all you ladies out there who are single- DO NOT get down and depressed.  Trust me, I spent MANY of Valentine's in your shoes and it is not near as bad as you think it will be!  Look at it this way:
1. You have more money than the rest of us who just spent some on our "significant others".
2. You can go out and party with your girlfriends tonight... ((And there might be a single guy out with his buds!))
3. You can watch a chick flick ALLLLLL night long with tubs of ice cream and it's perfectly okay- no regrets about the calories.  Because they don't count on Valentine's! ;)
4. You get to wear your pajamas all night if you want.  You don't have to go home from work and get right back dolled up for anyone.  I'm jealous.  Really.
5. YOU ARE TOO GOOD TO BE SAD.  Girl power ladies.  Don't be down, be happy that God has kept you waiting.  That just means He will give you an extra special man one day for waiting on His timing instead of yours! :)

Everyone have a FABULOUS day!  Happy Valentine's!


  1. I hope you and B have a GREAT night, Kayla!!!! Happy Valentine's Day <3

  2. Sweeeet!!! I haven't ever had flowers delivered from a man, from grandmas after baby though lol

  3. Loved the little section you had for the single ladies (like myself).

    Looks like B did a great job!


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