Isaac Strong.

Ya know how some days there is absolutely nothing that comes to your mind to write about?  Well, this isn't one of those days for me.  In fact, it's quite the opposite.. I have a million different things I want to touch on.  But today it has a focus.. a child.

My heart is just heavy.  I've been playing catch-up on blogs this morning and I stumbled across Erin's blog yesterday about Isaac.  If you don't follow Erin, and haven't read this story then go do so.  If you have, then you know my this is pulling at my heart strings.  

Cancer- an ugly word that no one wants to hear, much less experience.  But to hear of a child walking this path just breaks my heart.  Especially in Isaac's case when he was told he had BEAT this awful disease, and is now back in the path of such an awful destructive illness.  

You can find Isaac's parents' online journal here. Just be sure you have some tissues available.

So, people, the reason I'm saying all this is because this little boy needs help.  Six year old Isaac who has a full life that he needs to live, needs YOUR help. 

Erin is working on several ways you can contribute to this family's pain.  See her blog post here to read the details.  I'm so grateful that there are people in this world like Eric who rally up prayer warriors for special cases like Isaac's.  No amount of money can "cure" he or his family's hurts, but if at lease ONE person's $5 donation takes just that one $5 worth of bills they are facing off their chest, then it's worth every cent of that $5. 

I don't have children of my own, but when I read things like this I see flashes of the kids in my life that I would be devastated if it was them sitting in Isaac's position and I would hope that a team of prayer warriors rallied around my loved ones.  That's what I'm asking you to do now.  I know it's Christmas time and everyone is holding on to whatever extra $1 they have, but this little boy is looking for the best CHRISTmas gift he can recieve- his gift of LIFE. 

Please, I'm urging you to help with this family.  And I'm urging you PRAY for this family.  God hears all of our prayers.  Let Him hear your cries for this family. 

              He needs YOU.
I'm in.  Are you?

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