Today I just want to say that I'm loving..

television.  I'm currently dealing with Strep throat.. so the television as entertainment is a lifesaver.  To say the least...

I'm loving.. my man! He really is my best friend.  Thanks, B, for all you do for me!  He takes ME into consideration on his choices in life, and I am forever grateful for those moments.  B, you are a strong guy, mentally and physically, and I love you.  And I stand behind you every day, always.  

I'm loving.. that I'm getting into wedding planning! :)  And hopefully SOON I can go venue looking.  I've a list in the works! ;)

I'm loving.. that I had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I need to get a post up on this... I really am slacking. :p

I'm loving.. water.  Yes, for real.  I have taught my body to crave it I think.  I thought this day would never come, but this is what I need for a wedding body! ;)

I'm loving.. Essie's nail polish, Grow Stronger.  My girl, Jenna, recommended it, and so far so good!  Even though I had to look high and low for it! ;)

I'm loving.. that it's almost Christmas!  I'm really in the spirit this year!! :)

So, what are YOU loving?? :)

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