Mississippi Gals!

Hope ya'll are having fun with my guest bloggers.  I love getting new ladies faces out there and showing support for them.  This one is no different.  I literally JUST started reading her blog, but what can I say- Mississippi gals stick together, so I'm proud to have Heather around today.  Be sure and check her blog out! :)

Hi there! I'm so excited that Kayla asked me to guest post on her blog today!  Let me introduce myself: My name is Heather and I blog over at {From Here to There} where I talk about a multitude of random things.  My blog was created as a way to share my life with others as I move from here to there figuring out the next steps in life.  I'm from the beautiful state of Mississippi and I graduated with a degree in Marketing last December from Mississippi State University.  I have two younger sisters who are both at MSU now and a boyfriend of roughly 5 years.  At my parents house, I have 6 adorable cats with an array of personalities and the most precious and spunky Pomeranian named Cappie (a.k.a. Captain Crunch).  After graduation, I headed to the hot and sunny state of Florida where I did the Disney College Program and worked there from January-August.  I met some amazing people, I consider most of my roommates that I had my best friends now, but I absolutely HATED my job!  I then moved back to my beloved state and took a job on campus at the leadership office.
Wanted to start this off with some pictures, because I know I love seeing pictures in post, so I'm assuming you do too! If you don't, then humor me, please!?
Me and the boyfriend at DISNEY!
That's me, with a How I Met Your Mother Shirt on
Do you LOVE that show? I do!

Now, I'm sure you're wondering when I'm getting to the GUEST POST part of this and that's just the thing, I've been racking my brain for a decent guest post topic.  I already have a Disney guest post going on with another blog, so I didn't want to copy cat that, I don't have anything particularly exciting going on in my life right now, and I'm not an expert at anything!  So I thought I'd write a few short sentences on a few topics that I know pretty well and offer the opportunity to get to know y'all a little better through that.  They are an assortment of randomness so I hope that floats your boat today!

{1} Disney

This is an obvious one to talk about!  Everyone loves it or they should! Just a few pointers if you choose to vacay at Disney! (1) Arrive early and get all the amazing rides done first (i.e. Mount Everest, Rock'n Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain)  Those were my faves!  (2) Take snacks, Disney allows it! Save your money for a fabulous Dinner out, there are SO many great restaurants.  I ate at the Mexican restaurant in Epcot and was able to see "Illuminations" through the windows, it was magical! (3) See plays and shows, they are spectacular (i.e. Illuminations, Beauty and the Best, The Festival of the Lion King, The Little Mermaid). I saw Festival of the Lion King like 20 times while there because it ROCKS MY SOCKS! (4) Take pictures with the characters, it's such a fun way to make memories!  (5) Go to Downtown Disney at night and enjoy the entertainment, the shopping, the food.. and my favorite... GHIRARDELLI!
Do you vacay at Disney?
What's you're favorite ride/thing to do?

{2} Running
I love running.  Sometimes I have my ups and downs in training, but I've done 2 half-marathons so far.  The Mississippi Blues and the Disney Princess Half Marathons.  Racing is a lot of fun and always gets me excited to continue training.
 Do you enjoy running?
What's the funnest race you've done?
What's the longest race you've done?

{3} DIYing
I don't consider myself a great crafter, I don't have a lot of imagination, but I do enjoy trying my hand at it and I believe I'm getting better with each project.  This was a jewelry hanger I made last year.  I made a "date night" jar that will be up on the blog Sunday, so you should come back and check it out. 
Do you DIY?
What's your favorite project you've completed so far? 
Share a link to the post so I can check it out!

{4} Link-Ups
I think link-ups are so fun! Two of my favorites that I join in on EVERY week is "It's OK" and "Friday Letters" I love how many blog friends I've made through those two link-ups. 
Its Ok ThursdaysPhotobucket
Do you host or co-host a link-up that you want to share with me? I'd love to check it out! 
Are there other link-ups you join in on that you think I may enjoy?
{5} Harry Potter
I'm going to be honest, I read all the books and saw all the movies for the very first time THIS YEAR!  I'm now obsessed, I want everything Harry and sometimes I pretend like I'm an actual wizard, I can't help myself, I really wish Hermoine, Harry, and Ron were my IRL bff's! 
Are you a Harry Potter fanatic? 
Whose your favorite character?
Which book/movie is your favorite? 
Who is your least favorite character?

If you made it this far through this a lot longer than expected post, I applaud and thank you!  I hope you take the time to stop by my blog and check me out! It was a pleasure entertaining y'all today!


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