I'm still drooling...


Yes baby... you were looking SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKIN' last night.  

[Snap out of daydream...]

Okay, I'm back.  But man, really, MY man was looking some kind of FINE last night.  He is sexy anyway, but put him in that solid black and this little gal is ready to take a ride on his big green tractor. :)  Inappropriate? :)  

Alright, alright.. enough of Jason.  For now.

Last night was a pretty big night in my life.  My mom and dad got to meet "B".  I wouldn't really say I was nervous, just more like anxious.  I know what I feel when I look at this man and I wanted him to meet my parents and them hit it off too.  And it was dead on.  Mom was already hugging him as he walked in the door and my dad really shocked me.  

Those of you who know my dad IRL know that he isn't a "jump in your face and start a conversation" person.  He lets you do some talking and IF he happens to like you, THEN he will talk.  And never shuts up....

That's what happened.  He was talking to B and asking him things and I was more less sitting there in shock.  That's just not Larry.  But then he wanted to show B his shop (of course...) and so the three of us walked up there.  It was freeeeeeeezing, but I didn't want to let B go alone in case the situation took a turn.  So I sat there, freezing, and waiting.  Finally they were both in this big discussion of motors and this and that about them.   It sounded like a foreign language to me and I just got up and walked myself back to mom and dad's house.  

In a little while, Dad and B come back to the house and joined in with me and mom.  We finished up watching the CMA Awards and then B and I left.  But we barely got out the door because my dad was STILL talking to B.  He actually got up ourt of his recliner and moved CLOSER to B to talk.  

[Shocked face.]

We finally got out of there and B asked me what I thought about it and how I thought it went.  I told him he could unpack his bags because he was just welcomed to the family, ha!  

I am SOOOO glad that now my mom and dad know the man I've fell head over heels in love with and can't wait to see what the future holds with.  I think they got a good glimpse of him last night.

So, you see.  It was a good night for me!  And today has started off wonderful!  We are closed tomorrow so today is my Friday.  Yippee!!  I plan on sleeping in some and then, if time permits, going to the Veteran's Parade with Whitney.  Then I will be headed out to Tupelo with B and his family to see Casting Crowns.  I am very excited about getting to spend some time with his family now.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE that this man is family oriented?  I mean that is just SO me. :)

I hope you all have a blessed day/weekend.  I probably won't be back with a new post until Monday.  And that one should be a re-cap!  So come back! 

Bye loves! :)


  1. Yay! sounds like a good night with all of your guys:-) xoxo

  2. sounds like so much fun! :-)
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