TERRIBLE BLOGGER HERE....I am sorry.. I have been busy!

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I'm loving... LIFE!  I mean really and truly.  Every day my life seems to keep getting better and better!  

I'm loving... that I get to have lunch with a friend of mine today.  Always nice!

I'm loving... all my pictures Cassie is sending me.. that's all I'll say about that!  Teehee!!!

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I'm loving... this quote.  It makes me think of my sweet new man!

I'm loving... that I get to see B tonight, tomorrow night, AND Friday night.  Whooo hooo!!!

I'm loving... that B is meeting my mom and dad tonight.  I can't wait to see how fast they fall in love with him too.  And yes, I know they will.  What's not to love?

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This one is me!
I'm loving... that I tried this on my hair- AND IT WORKS. Oh, and it's from Pinterest.. and we all know I LOVE me some Pinterest. :)

I'm loving... how this new man makes me feel.  Kayla is ABOVE Cloud 9!!

I'm loving... that I get to be OFF WORK Friday. Whooo hooo!!!!

I'm loving.. my sweet mama and daddy.  They just make my world go around. :)

I guess that's all today loves.  I'll try and get back on a regular writing routine..


  1. I was beginning to worry about you!!! Your hair looks gorgeous! Love it! and I love all your loves! So happy about cloud 9!

  2. ouhh la - la someone has really been hit by the love bug!! Congrats girly!!

  3. ummmm gotta love nicky sparks :-) That just made me melt and think about my man! :-) Love it!


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