Sissy and Sassy

Can you believe we are already in November!?!?

Today is the first of the month and in the banking world that equals out to I can't make a long blog post.. so sorry.

But I can show you some pictures of my baby girl from last night...

She looked like a cabbage patch baby.  And I squeezed her like she was one! Ha!!!

I had put her some new "Mimi" pj's in her basket from me, so after I got all the picutres I wanted of her.  (Since my brother said I'm the paparazzi around Jenna, ha!) We let her put the jammies on.  She was still busy digging... notice the jewelry hanging from her arm.  Yep, a girlie girl after my heart.

I also got to see Whitney's kids, Peyton and TJ.  They looked so cute!! And I think Jenna had a good time seeing some little boys! 

So, the title of the blog post?  Well, Jenna got to see her "sissy" and the boys got to see their "sassy"... you see. :)


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