February Goals, Revisited.

Earlier in the month, I posted my February Goals
Well, since this is the last week of the month, it's time I face the music and see how good / bad I did.
1// -Spend more time away from my cell phone.
I failed, in ways.  I DID put my cell phone down more.  BUT that caused me to pick up my laptop more.  So yes, I consider this a fail.

2// -Start a new cleaning routine.
Failed.  Not to make excuses, but Brian and I were both very sick during the month so the cleaning was out the window.  We both managed with what we could to get us by.  I want to mention, I'm so thankful for a helping husband.

3// -Cook more.
Does finding the recipes and starting meal planning count?  Stay tuned for more on this, later.

4// -Work on my new business venture.
Success!  I made some phone calls, talked to some possible clients, and finally got my official EIN number so I'd say this was a winner!

5// -Spend more time with Him.
Success!  I've been taking my Bible to work with me most days.  While that might seem odd, it actually works for me.  I work alone all day, so when I'm not busy with "work" and customers, then I'm usually reading my Bible or doing some type of Bible study.  I've loved every minute of it.

So, did I do good? Nope.
But I felt this is how I learn to own up to these goals.  I share them with the public and admit when I've failed.  This is life.  I'm not perfect.  Proof. 
Did you have goals? Did you have a successful month?


  1. I am trying to get several plans/goals in place this week. I basically failed at finishing the setting up of my goals in January and again in February! What is your new business venture? That's exciting. I still need to get an EIN for mine. I've just been using my name. I would consider #5 a huge success toward your goals and the most important! :)
    Eva Marie

  2. Getting your new business venture going is exciting!!! Congrats girly! :))

  3. Awesome job with the bible reading! Can't wait to hear more about your business adventure. And don't feel bad, my house isn't clean and I wasn't sick for the majority of the month.

  4. Love your goals! I have been working on trying to spend more time with Him as well. Trying to get comfortable in my faith!

    Keep up the good work, especially wit the business venture! How awesome!


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