Five on Friday!

Happy Friday! 

1 // I picked up this dry shampoo at Ulta last weekend.  It's made for brown hair, so I was sold from first sight.  So far, I've used it once and I love it!

2 // E-Cards.  Enough said.

3 // Amen, Amen.
4 // Love this quote from my Pinterest board
turquoise chevron comforter | Chevron Bedding Captures a Current Trend
5 // Can I have this for my spare bedroom?  I'm in love. Who else is looov-ing teal this year?
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  1. I think I'll have to give this dry shampoo a try! The one I currently use leaves my hair looking grey. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the back fat eCard. Too funny! And that bedding is so lovely! Happy weekend!

  3. i hear you on the negative people... doing some restructuring in my life for that :) also, thanks for stopping by today!!


  4. LOVE that Pinterest quote. Just repinned...gotta follow you! Xx.

  5. Hello from the link up! Loving teal too!! That'd make a fab spare bedroom look for sure ;) ... Have a lovely weekend!!

  6. That bedspread is gorgeous! I wonder if they make dry shampoo for blonde? I'm sure they would!

  7. Love the chevron bedspread!

    Happy Friday, pretty lady!!

  8. I love the bedspread! Wish I could talk my husband into something cute!

  9. know I loveeee teal every year :) Also...did they have the dry shampoo for blonde hair??

    XO Samantha


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