I'm the kind of girl who...

- hates making decisions, of any kind. 
-is very, very self-conscious.
-takes way too many pictures.
-doesn't care that I take too many of said pictures.
Mississippi Mrs.

-would rather spend a night at home with my husband that out on the town, any day!
-looooooooves dogs, haaaaaaaaaaates cats.
-wishes she could stick to a diet/workout routine.
-hates cold weather.
-thinks of a million good "blog ideas" in the middle of the night. 
-can't think of a single thing when it comes time to write a post.
Mississippi Mrs.

-does better under pressure.
-doesn't like ice cream that much, but will hurt you over chocolate.
-hardly ever shops in stores.
-loves her hair long, but wishes for short hair constantly.
Mississippi Mrs.

-can't stop biting her nails.
-wishes she had been an Optometrist like orginally planned.
-wants to know what kind of girl YOU are... :)


  1. I am the same way with the blog ideas! Can always thing of posts when I'm not actually near the computer to write! I think you are a great kinda girl!! :)

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES dogs, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaates cats.
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmen ;)

  3. I love cats...but I won't hold it against you:) lol...I don't hate dogs though:)
    I love this "I'm the kinda girl who..." idea...going to have to do this too!

  4. I love your blouse in the last photo! And blog post ideas always come at the most inconvenient times!

  5. I love this post so much and I wish we lived closer because we would hang out all the time!! We are so much alike its scary! ;) Happy Friday! and don't be self conscious...you are beautiful!

  6. Oh mu goodness!! I also think of great blogging ideas still night but never remember them when it's time to blog!!!

  7. It makes me happy to find so many other bloggers with cat issues; I don't feel like a weirdo anymore!!! Great post BTW!!!!!

  8. I am the WORST with making decisions, always afraid it will be the wrong one! (irrationally of course)

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