Sick Day

Well, it's me popping in, ladies.

And it's my day off.

And I'm SICK.  The husband gave me his sinus infection I believe,so I'm currently doctoring myself and watching Criminal Minds.  

Who wants to spend their day off SICK!?


  1. I'm sick today too! It sucks.. I just want to feel better. I hope you get to feeling better friend.

  2. Gotta love living with someone and sharing his germs! Hope you feel better soon! Criminal Minds was a great choice.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! I hate to be sick, but it seems like something that's going around lately. I was sick around the new year, so was my husband, and all of my friends have come down with it already this year.

    Stopping by from Sits Girls forum to say howdy. Looks like we're tribe members this week! Looking forward to getting to know you--and sending good healing thoughts!

    *Kristyn (

  4. This is too funny! I'll be honest, when I was working before I had my son, I had my days that I just didn't feel like going in so I called out. I guess when you really have to be sick it just stinks. :( I'm in your SITS niche tribe! Nice to "meet" you!

  5. Stopping by for the SITS Tribe to say Hello and hope you get better soon.
    P.S. I love me some Criminal Minds!!!!

  6. Yikes! So sorry to hear you're sick! It seems like my FB feed is full of people under the weather. Feel better soon!

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