My Best Friend

Some call it cheesy, some may call it fake.  But this man is my best friend.
Sunday was three months of marriage for this hunk and myself.  I have LOVED every single second of getting to know this man on a whole new level.  Living with someone isn't easy, yall, but Brian and I just mesh SO WELL that it's made things a smooth transition. 
So, what have I learned in three months?
He makes a mess with the kitchen sink. 
He leaves hair in the sink after he shaves.
He uses A LOT of cups.
He doesn't always bring those cups back to the kitchen.
But you know what else I've learned?
He makes what was my house, feel like a home.
I've actually enjoyed picking up after him, because it means he's home.
I laugh at him all the time for the crazy things he does.
He is the best snuggler in the world.
He takes care of the dogs, like a good daddy.
He helps with the bills.
He can clean and take care of cooking/cleaning just as good as me.
He is a provider.
He's a prayer answered.
He is every bit and more of the man I envisioned him being as a husband.
Three Months and counting... :)


  1. isn't married life awesome? and it only gets better - don't listen to the lies of the first year being the husband and I have yet to have a bad year of marriage...looks like the way y'alls is going is heading down the same direction! and how have I been following your blog but not REALLY following it?? Thankfully you are on I can add you to my 'daily reads' category :)

  2. Being married to your best friend is the best thing ever!

  3. Awe this is so sweet! Isn't married life awesome!

  4. Awww, that is so sweet! It honestly goes by SO fast too! I've been with my husband 16 years & married 15 and some days it seems like no time at all (other days it feel like 50 years ha!) So happy to meet you & your hubby I am Tara, part of your SITS Tribe :))


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