The Way You Make Me Feel...

.... really makes me want to sleep.
Not what you were expecting?  Well, I'm here with a funny story for you today.  But please be aware that I have been sick for going on two weeks and I am at the end of my rope with coughing and feeling like crud.
So, a little back story.  Monday night was  t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e for me and the husband.  I'm fairly sure somewhere between all my hacking and coughing that Brian was wishing he had not said I Do to such a loud, snotty, coughing, attempt of a wife.
But I was dying people.
I had tried every imaginable position there is to sleep and nothing was working.  I was constantly hacking (what sounded like my lungs up!) and never getting any kind of relief.  So genius me thinks I can just prop the pillows up and sleep "sitting up."
It would work for a little while until I would get sooooo sleepy that I'd cozy my way down into the bed and snuggled back along my husband.  And then the hacking would start, AGAIN.
I finally gave up and went to the recliner.  At least there, I wasn't hacking in Brian's ears.  I'm sure he was sending a prayer of thanks at this point.  LOL.
Well.. moving on.
Yesterday, my honey shows up at my work with me some medicine, including some Robitussen. 
I had not had any since I was a child, so I was intrigued to see if it worked on me since NyQuil doesn't.  I know, I know, I'm strange.
So bedtime came last night and I looked and how much I needed to take.  The directions said 10 mL.  Well, I poured that and it didn't look like enough to me, so I poured more. 
Then I poured another little cup full.
Then during the night, I got up two more times for more "as needed shots" of the medicine.
Now, let's talk about how I felt THIS MORNING.
There is only one word to describe me: Drunk.
Ya'll.  I was a mess.  A hot mess.
I left a mess in the house.  I don't remember driving to work hardly. I couldn't concentrate for the first few hours of work.
So yes, the good ole Robitussen works, but I strongly encourage you to stay within the suggested amount.
You've been warned, haha!
Oh, and yes, I'll be taking more tonight.  But I think I'll leave it at the recommended dosage too!  


  1. Robitussin works wonders girl. Hope you're feeling better!

  2. I had theeee world's worst headache one day at work & with no Advil in sight, I opted for the Children's Robitussin my coworker was carrying around for her sick daughter and OHMIGOD it cured that headache in seconds, I swear!

    xo Christina

  3. I am sorry you have been sick! :( But, there is really no fussIn with the tussIn! (that is hilarious by the way)

    This sickness going around in our neck of the woods if just ridiculous. SO READY FOR SUMMER!

    feel better quick!

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