Makes me wanna take a backroad...

Friday is such a sweet day.

It ends the week and begins the fabulous weekend. 

I don't have any particular plans, except working on the decor for Jenna's upcoming party.  You all know me.  I'm a planner.  I live to make lists.  I actually look forward to planning.  


This might be the only reason this party is a sucess.  I have to admit I am stressing more than I should, but c'mon she only turns one ONCE, so it all has to be right.  Can ya'll even imagine what my life is going to be like when I have a child of my own?  Oh my....

Should I start planning it now? LOL

Back to it being Friday.  That means it is my day to vent, with a license to.  So, without futher ado.....
Be sure you all go check out Mamarazzi and see what she is confessing about today!
[I confess...]

That this week I might have said more than my normal limit of cuss words.  And I don't regret it.

That this week I have learned what I am NOT willing to take. And who from.  

That I might have wished bad things on someone......

[I confess...]

That I look at Pinterest way more than I should.

That my #1 searched item on there is "wedding" related.

That I am ready to find my "Mr. Right" instead of all these "Mr. Right Now's"

[I confess...]

Wednesday and Friday are my favorite blog days.  I know.

That I am sick of fast food.  I ate it twice this week and that was more than enough.

That I am in love with Jenna's new facial expressions.  Priceless.

[I confess..]

That I really love that my ex made a comment on facebook about my new profile picture "Looking good!"..... See what you COULD have had, loser? =)

That I am devastated that Bath & Body Works no longer has my scent eggs.  Shame on you B&BW!!!!!!

Now you know that means it is time to join up with Lauren and play along to Fill in the Blank Friday too.  Check her out.  You will like it!

1.   My favorite color is       brown.  I'm boring.

2.  My travel destination of choice is    the freakin' beach.  It is my goal in life to be a beach bum.

3.  My favorite  food is     pizza, but pasta is running a CLOSE second.

4.  My happy place is   the beach, no lie.  I am instantly carefree there.

5.  My favorite saying is      Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

 6.  My dirty little secret is      I use the same towel two days in a row, a lot .
7.  Something friends might say about me is that I     am way too dang nice for my own good, unless the temper comes out

Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from the past, and realizing people change.


  1. Picture challenge: post a picture of Jenna with dirt on her face, from playing outside in the mud.

  2. Love LOVE the blog!! It looks awesome!!! and I also look at pinterest too much!!!

  3. new follower thanks to mamarazzi! love your list. i think sometimes its nice to get those cuss words out and say things you dont mean (well forever-maybe right now) in private so you can feel better! love it! oh ps pinterest-ADDICTING!

  4. You have a limit on profanities? EEEK! I'd be in such trouble!

    I adore the beach too. Let's just move there, wanna? I think we'd be fab beach bums!

    I think double using a towel is quite acceptable..think about it-you're clean when you use them, right?

    :) XO

  5. I have a little favor to ask you…when linking up to any of my link parties I ask people to link to their actual post for that party. NOT just the url to your blog. Your url to your blog looks like this:

    The url you should be linking up is the url to your actual post. You can get the correct url by clicking on the title of your post. The url you should be linking up looks like this:

    I spend a lot of time correcting links that I would rather spend reading and commenting on blogs so I would super appreciate it if you could do this one little thing for me.

    I fixed your link for this week, so if you could just remember for next time that would be great!!

    Thanks for understanding!

  6. They've proven that cuss words make things easier to deal with--pain wise anyway. I find that they help in lots of other situations. I just sounds weird when I have to censor myself in front of the kids.

  7. Hi Kayla! So nice to "meet" you!! I am excited you found my blog! Have a great weekend!

  8. Cuss words once in a while [or all the time] are important! They make you feel so much better =)

    Pinterest!! I am new to it & I'm hooked. It is such a great waste of time.

  9. Love your blog, it's adorable. I can't handle fast food, my stomach is not a fan at all!
    I love the beach too and I wish we lived closer and that our Cali beaches weren't so crowded. You're a girl after my own heart-you love to plan! I'm such a huge planner. Enjoy the party for your niece!

  10. Just so you are not the only one who uses the same towel more than once lol!


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