Little of this, some of that...

I'm super stoked right now.

I just got back from picking up the invitations for Jenna's party.

I'm so happy how they turned out!  I can't believe my little Jbugg is about to celebrate her first birthday!  I do know I was one excited gal last year waiting on this little lady to get here.  I've said it before, and I will again- being an Aunt is the best gift someone can give! :)

I don't really have much else to talk about today, so I will ramble, as usual.  I had to go to Kmart last night to pick up a few things and while I was there I had to check out what they have in stock with the e.l.f products.  I ended up buying:

This mascara is double-sided, so you can choose either waterproof, or not.  $1.00 = steal.   I love it.

Complexion Perfection
This is the tone correcting powder.  It is used to even out your skin tones.  So far, I've only used it this morning but I was pleased.  I haven't felt "shiny" like I do some days.  Awesomeness.   $3.00

I mean ladies, you really cannot go wrong with this stuff.  Even if you get something that you truly hate and don't think works on you then you still probably only paid a couple dollars for it.  That's cheap enough to throw away or give to a friend! That's what the ladies here at work do, we try and if are not pleased, pass it along. You never know when someone else might think its the greatest thing since sliced bread! :)

Well, that's about all for me today girls.  But I don't want to leave you without showing you who I had lunch with today.

Yep, that's my little mini me. 

  Bless the world's heart...



  1. love love LOVE the invitation!! super cute!

  2. Definitely loving the invitation!! Yay!!

  3. Awww! Jenna is super adorable. The invites turned out so cute. Enjoy her while she's small, she'll grow up and know more than you before you know it.

    I LOVE ELF makeup brushes..seriously, my fave!


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