Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Today is going to be about a special someone in my life....

....no, not a boyfriend....

....my fur-son, Reagan Jensen....

My baby turns 4 years old today and I am one proud mama! 

Mama loves those eyes....
My sweet little family..
He always sits in the bed and watches me get ready..

First time to meet Roxie.. HA!
Reagan is my best friend.  This poor dog has heard me cry/cuss/laugh/snot cry/hee haw laugh/throw hissy fits/etc.  And he still loves me and comes and sits in mama's lap every night.  He is my rock, he is my little passion in life.  You mess with this dog and heads will roll.  

He also doesn't like to touch the floor, be dirty, walk, or eat anything messy.   I sort of babied him his whole life... and am proud of it.

I love you baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will be partying tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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