Don't rock the boat...

I got back from the va-cay on Saturday, so Sunday me and the family made our way to the lake on the boat.  This was the first time we've had it out this year, so we all went.  It was a blast!!!

Can you see my excitement?
This was Jenna's first ever boat ride, so we were all pretty anxious to see how she handled it... and she did amazing!!! She is a true little water baby.  What can I say?  Good thing too, since the rest of the family lives for water activities.. :) 

Check this baby out.  Yes, you are seeing correctly.  That, my friends, is a floating store.  I like to refer to this as the true Redneck Riveria.  And darn tootin' I'm PROUD to live here!  I just wish we would have thought of this idea years ago...

Check out these studs.  This is Shawn, Kamo, Kaleb, and Kevin.  That's my two brothers and the boys are Shawn's sons.   These are the men in my life (big daddy was driving the boat..)

I am one lucky girl. 

And oh how I love the sweet Southern Summertime.. =)


  1. Welcome home! Jenna looks so adorable in her little swimsuit.

    Hillary (a gal and her dog)


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