And it all starts again...

Monday is on us again.  Seriously, where did the weekend go?

Friday seems SO long ago, yet I feel like I just left work.  Speaking of leaving work, when it was closing time Friday it was also looking very, very bad outside.  Apparently we were under a tornado warning that come out of nowhere.  And do you think that stopped me from going to a yard sale?  No.. apparently it didn't because I ran to the car, jumped in, drove like a mad woman to my mom's house, and we headed to a friend's sale... & got there and they were gone (due to the tornado warnings!).  Yes, I know I am crazy..

After the yard sale was off, we then headed to pick up a ham that my mom had ordered from a local school- and completely on the opposite end of the town from where we were.. so off we went again.  By the time we got the ham picked up, the sky looked like it might just drop down and destroy us. I was honestly getting scared and I think my driving showed for it.  My mom was constantly repeating "We won't die from a tornado.. we won't make it out of this car."  Thanks Mom, really.  My cell phone was constantly going off with text messages/facebook messages asking me where I was and reminding me there was a storm.  Sorry that I was slow getting back in touch with you all- I was driving like a maniac, apparently.  :)

We rushed to my house to pick up Reagan & Roxie and then swerved into mom and dad's driveway just in the knick of time.  The rain started and it was pouring.  Daddy and I are known for standing in their driveway and "storm watching" but this time I got a little more than I wanted to see.  There is a church on the next road from their house and just over its roofline the clouds were "mean."  The little "tails" as I call them during a tornado were swirling around and I was expecting to see one drop at any minute.  I ran and got both my dogs in my arms just in case.  Yes, if you know my fat dogs then this was quite a sight to see.  

Luckily, nothing happened aside from major rain.  And we all breathed a huge sigh of relief.  Post storm, we went to eat and I came home and went to bed fairly early.  I love those kind of nights! I am almost done with my book and I am getting anxious to see how it ends!

Saturday it was dreary outside.  The rainy weather was still looming over us, and the yard sale count was down considerably so Mom and I took late morning and slept in a little before heading out.  I got a few dresses and a few other items, so the day wasn't a total loss.

My newest dog, Ruby.   :)

Okay, she isn't real.  Buuuuuuuut I didn't say that now did I? :)

My dad was completely freaked out when I told him I had a new dog.  He knows, along with everyone else, that I DO NOT need another dog to feed.  But I found this cute little thing at a yard sale and I knew she needed to come home with me!  Reagan loves her while Roxie is terrified of her. 

By lunchtime I had a horrible headache so I went home to nap and try and rid it off.  I had plans to go with my dad to one of his tractor pulls and I had decided that I was going Saturday night.  So after my nap I gathered up another change of clothes (even warmer than the ones I was wearing because it was COLD) and I headed out the door.  We loaded the truck and got about 10 minutes away when we got the phone call that the tractor pull had been cancelled.  (Due to rain)  So back home it was.

Since the tractor pull was off and my whole night had been cleared basically, we loaded up and went to see who else but Jenna bugg! She was in a terrific mood so I spent the next good while watching her crawl all over the floor chasing me, bouncing her on my knees, trying to teach her to "step", and playing Mickey Mouse over and over and over....and over...and over...and over............................................

[Still waiting on a dream about that song....]

Sunday was church and then a quick run to Tupelo.  My dad had a tractor spotted and wanted to go check it out.  Mom and I agreed as long as Olive Garden, TJ MAXX, and Ross were involved- and they were!  I got a few more dresses and my belly full!!! I LOVE me some Olive Garden, yummmmmmmy!

I spent the rest of Sunday being very lazy and getting my coupons in order. 

Coups for Troops!
I have NO idea why this picture is sideways. And I've tried a million things and can't get it to flip, so BLAH on that... BUT... this is my on-going project!  This is called Coups for Troops!  You can visit this website for more information, but basically it is a way of giving back to our troops.  Each one of us knows how hard these men & women work to ensure our freedom and our protection.  I believe it is the least we can do to send our expired coupons their way.  Did you know that overseas military familes can use those coupons up to 6 months past their expiration date?  Think about that the next time you throw those out...

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday night... && and if you don't have anything to watch- check out the new show coming on Lifetime tonight. 

Some of you will remember Beth Holloway, Natalee Holloway's mother, from all the media surrounding her case.   Tonight, her show devoted to helping other familes going through the same thing she is, premires.  I am going to be tuning in!  I will give a feedback on it tomorrow!

Until then lovies, bundle up and relax!!!!! It's cold out there!!!

"Life is the greatest bargain- We get it for nothing!"  So true!


  1. We don't have cable, got any netflix picks?

  2. Love this! I am saving coupons for the troops! I think it is super awesome! and I love your new dog!


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