This is gonna be a long one...

Okay, I'm here.  At some point over the weekend, power was restored and all (I think) of our banking needs are back functional.  *Fingers crossed*

Let me back up to last week and play catch up. 

I'm going to start off with Monday.  I've already mentioned that I got to spend some time with Meredith and that it was MUCH needed.  Later that night started my lack of sleep (that would make a pattern throughout the week).  Reagan could "sense" the storms coming and it rained pretty hard that night.  Some of you know Reagan's fears of storms and know that he was a complete wreck all night long.  ((If you don't know my story of WHY, then ask me about the night Reagan and I ran from a tornado...yes, you read that right. ))

So, I come into work Tuesday VERY groggy.  And I had to be here early for some annual training things going on.  SO, I was hoping to have some good sleep that night.  ((Especially after being "high" all day.... if you missed that post then you are highly confused at this point- Which by the way my drawer STILL squeaks.. :( ))
After work, Cassie and I ran to Tupelo.  (Yes, in the storms.)  She needed dog food for sweet Amos, and I didn't NEED those flip flops.. but I got them :)  After several calls of concern, we headed home and made it before any storms. 

Later that night was a different story.  I was up and down so many times I can't even begin to tell you a count and around 2:00 I was headed to Mom and Dad's house, with a dog under each arm.  HA!  I'm sure I was QUITE a sight!  It was like the sirens were on constant blast and we all were waiting forever to see when "the next one" would be here... Honestly, a terrifying night to live through.  Once the most of the storms were past us, I went home and got about an hour's sleep and then off to work it was for me!

Wednesday was going to prove to be a LONG day as well.  Sirens blast throughout the city on and off all day.  We went to our basement and took cover twice during the day and I was praying to God the entire time to let us remain safe throughout the rest of the storms.  We finally got to leave a little early from work and I went straight home and crashed on the bed.  I was too tired by that point to even sleep.  How sad is that?  But just about the time we were getting off work, there was a HUGE tornado coming through Smithville, MS. 

Smithville, MS is a little town, population 900, that is SO close to my family and friends in Amory, that I was even admittinlgly a little scared to call and check on them, fearing the worst.  Thank you God for holding them ALL safe.  I got in touch with them all within 30 minutes or so and breathed a sigh of relief.  However, the little town did NOT make it.  No single business is left standing and the whole town is basically wiped off the map.  It is utter devasation and loss consuming the area.  If you wish to help, I ENCOURAGE you to see Help Smithville. It is a website that has been designed to help with the donation/volunterr worked that is needed for these people.  

Unforutnately, Smithville was not the only town to be hit hard.  Various towns, big and small, have been hurt due to the mass of tornados that swept the South.  So, be thankful for what you have.  Some people are without ANYTHING now and starting lives over.  Remember that the next time you want to complain about something.  And above all- PRAY for these people.  And pray hard

So, due to all these storms- our main branch (located in Huntsville, AL) lost power city wide and we felt the shock of that, work wise.  But for now, all seems to be back in place, or at least getting there. 

Thursday was a rather blah day.  I think we all had lots on our minds, and hearts, after the destruction of the previous day.  I went home and got some sleep.


Now, onto to something MUCH happier.. Friday morning!!!!  I woke up extra early-

Do I need to even say more?

Kate was stunning and honestly one of the most beautiful brides I have even seen.  I'm sure like myself, thousands of girls around the world got teary eyed when Prince William leaned in to tell her "you look beautiful".  I mean really.. SHE DID. 

My Favorite moment?
The look back on the balcony.  She was SO stunned to see so many people cheering her on as she stepped onto the balcony, and she reminded me of myself in this moment- one last look at a life-changing day.  GO KATE!! =)

The rest of my weekend I spent being LAZY.  I've got lots of cleaning to do this week, so I took the weekend off.  Tammy, Bridgett, and Landin are coming to spend the weekend with me this coming weekend- so I should have lots to tell about that!

Yesterday was another monumental day- It was my dad's 60th Birthday.  We celebrated with mom cooking spaghetti, a family dinner, and good times afterwards!!! He enjoyed it and so did we! 

AAAaaaaaand, last night certainly not least- Osama Bin Laden is dead. 

I am SO proud to be an American today.  God bless our troops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Told you this was a long one.. I'm wore out now... a photo post coming soon! :)


  1. I'm so glad that you and your friends and family are okay!!! :-) Also, I'm glad that my post the other day helped you! It was one of the better devotionals I'd gotten so I just had to share! PS I haven't been on your blog lately and I love the purple look...SO CUTE!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so glad you are safe!!!


  3. Mallorie- thank you darlin!

    Kelly- Thanks a lot!!!

  4. I LOVED when she turned back around again. She was like, I don't want to go in yet! lol


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