FYI- There will be no posts done for a period. 

Due to the storms, we are currently unable to connect to internet at work, therefore, I cannot.   I am making this special post at my parents' home right now. 

Please, PLEASE PLEASE, pray for those who are suffering through the storms that just passed us.  I have seen/heard horrific images and I cannot imagine going through this myself. 

Special prayer for the small town of Smithville, MS.  That is VERY near my family and friends in Amory, and it really hit home with them and me that life can be GONE in a matter of seconds.  Please hold this small town in your hearts and prayers.  It is now GONE.  Not a single business still stands...

Now, like I said- I will be back, but when I cannot answer.  Huntsville lost power and therefore we are under limited things working for us (bank wise) still.  So, also- email is not working... if you have been trying to contact me that way!  SORRY!

Please, keep the South in your prayers.

On a good note- when I return I MUST talk about Kate's dress.  Yes, I'm still drooling over it... =)


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