First Things First [Link-Up]

First Things First

First roommate:
Back, what seems like decades ago, Hillary and I ran off to community college and shacked up in the dorms.  Was it glamorous? Not at all.  Was it cheap? Not at all.   Was it an experience?  You bet it was.

Our dorm was TINY.  I really don't think they are supposed to be that small, but ours was. All I know is that it's a good thing we went into that living situation as best friends because I don't think I could have moved into that tiny of living arrangements with just anyone.  And the most amazing thing- we came OUT of that dorm still best friends. :)

And just for fun,-a funny story that I remember most about this tiny living hole.  Hillary and I had went to watch The Ring with some people.  When we got back to our dorm that night, we had to sleep with the TV because we were scared.  But here's the thing, the LIGHT from the TV was annoying as all get out, so we had to tape paper towels around the screen to keep the light from "bouncing" in the room.   Ah, dorm life.

First time living away from home (when/where/why): 
This is the same as my #1 answer.  It was when I moved out of my parents' house and into the dorm, for college.

First college dorm room (pictures and explanation):
I really DOUBT there are any pictures from the dorm room.  It was too small to even do that in, LOL.

But let me explain it best I can.  When you walked into the door, the mini fridge with the microwave and tv were on top was sitting right to your left as you walked in.  This was also "Hillary's side" of the room. If you looked to your right, you saw her twin bed.  In the center of the right side of the room there was two huge, old, WAY too big, OLLLLLLLD (can I stress that it was OLD AND BIG!!?!?!) desks that were back to back.  If you kept walking straight when you came in the door, about middle ways was a door to your left.  That was the door to the SHARED bathroom with our suite mates.  (yeah.... hated that.)

Walking past the door, on your left was the sink (on "my side" of the room now) and then my twin bed.

It was cramped.  It was small.  It was dirty and smelly.  It's a good thing I was skinny then.  Me and a twin side bed wouldn't work these days, LOL.

And as a treat for you ladies, here is my ID from college.  Wow.


  1. Based on your descriptions, it certainly sounds like the was a super duper tiny dorm room! Sounds rough! But it is at least amazing you came out of it still friends! And that's awesome you included your ID too! :)

  2. got to love college IDs! I work for my college now so when I went to get my staff ID made I was desperate for it to be such luck...darn!


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