Miss J in the house!

I have real treat for you ladies today! One of my BEST friends is taking over my blog today! I'm going to just let her have at it...

Hello lovelies!
If you don't know me by now I'm Jenna from Life Is Sweet.
Kayla has no idea what she's getting into with allowing me to take over Keeping Up With Kayla.
We should change it to....
Keeping Up With Jenna!
Yeah that sounds good!
It's the slowest day of the week but lets trying to have a good Tuesday.
I found Kayla's blog by "accident" one day and have been BFFs with her since.
She was the first blogger I gave my number to and we haven't looked back since. Even when others have walked out on a friendship with me she's always been there for me.
Bloggers are so mean these days. It's like the Mean Girls movie but all through twitter & blogging. It's immature if you ask me. The vague tweets need to go. The backstabbing is ridiculous. Whatever happened to encouraging each other?
Kayla and I are so much alike. We've been waiting for our prince charming to find us! Her's found her a little sooner than mine did. We like to double date. Even though we're hundreds of miles away! I was one of the first to call her she I found out about her surprise engagement & I can't wait for her to call me when it happens for me.  
I love to send Kayla a piece of my hometown every now & then. Since I live a few miles from the beach I send her videos of the ocean. I can't wait to actually meet her and Brian in person come October.
If you haven't gotten to know Kayla yet you're missing out on an amazing girl. She's sweet, loving, sensitive, funny, honest and all around the best
Best Friend EVER!

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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Isn't she the best?  It is SUCH a blessing to have such a good person to fill your days with encouragement and happy thoughts instead of having someone filling your ears tearing someone else down.  I always know when I talk to Jenna, I'm going to smile and laugh.  THAT is a true friend. :)  Thanks, Jenna, you're the best!

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