Friday's Letters [Link-Up]


Dear Friday, really you were about to get on my nerves dragging your feet.  Thankfully, you are here now and I can see the end of the work week in sight!  Dear B, thanks for another awesome Thursday night "date."  I loved getting to do our "married responsibilities" with you.  You even make shopping for boy toys fun!  Dear cold weather, seriously- I hate you.  Dear Spring, Hello.. I can't find you.  HURRY UP!  Dear vacation, I need you so badly.  My feet need sand between my toes.  Now.

Dear hair, you are not my friend today.  You actually aren't my friend most days.  Ugh!  Dear Kaitlyn, thank you so much for making my blog prettttty!  You're the best!  Dear lazy weekend, HERE I COME.


  1. this week has been the longest ever!!

  2. I refuse to believe that your hair is ever anything less than perfect.

    And spring, please, please hear our plea: we need you. Now.


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