Life, it has a way of being ugly and beautiful all at the same time.

But I refuse to see the ugly part.  I am going to thrive on the beautiful.

Lately, I've had a lot on my mind as far as relationships with people go, how I handle them, etc.  And I've decided to clean up my life in ways.  I might end up losing friendships due to this, but if that's all it takes to lose a friendship, then it wasn't secure to begin with in my eyes.

I've been trying to clean up my Facebook list, IG, blog roll, Twitter, email contacts, etc.  It really isn't anything personal towards anyone.  I just have let it all get out of hand.  

I have too many "friends" on various social media outlets, and I don't spend enough time with my friends that are right in front of me.  So I'm just working through my lists and cleaning up a bit.  Some I'm deleting because we don't talk often, we haven't talked in years, we were friends because we had someone in common, etc.  Just different reasons, but the outcome the same- I'm just cleaning up.

So, why am I doing this? 

Well, actually its a few reasons.  

One- Just too overly crowded.  I tend to "scroll through" more social media entries than read them, so I need to limit that to those I'm really reading.

Two- I'm working on de-cluttering my whole life.  This just falls into that category.

Third- and the most important.  I'm a little over 6 months away from getting married.  And that's a pretty big deal to me.  I am making a commitment to this man and our marriage and future family.  I want to have a strong, healthy, Godly based marriage, and in order for me to do that, I need to pick who and what I see and use for entertainment.  
I'm not at all saying all social media is vulgar and threatening, but this has been a huge prayer of mine for I'd say over a month now and I feel like I'm being led to simplify my life and give more focus on God.  
This world is tough.  There are temptations and evil looming in every aspect of our lives.  I'm doing what I can to protect me and my future children by forming a strong bond in God and letting Him lead me to the friendships He sees fit for me.

This is in no way a reflection of anything, anyone, has done to me.  Although I do know that there have been some hurtful remarks on Twitter regarding my recent decisions, there is simply no more I can do.  Honestly, when you pray to God and you feel God move you- you act on it.  So, to this person (and I will address this publicly because I don't want to stir the pot with anyone)- for you being deleted, I am sorry.  But you are not alone.  There are others that have been as well, and there are more to follow.  I'm thankful for every part of my life, even though some do not stay.  People come together, and people stray apart.  That's simply life.  

I hate you feel that this was done in hate, and that you felt led to make the remarks you have.  As I said, it was no personal reasoning other than mine.  And I'd be happy to talk to you about it if you want me to further explain.  There truly are no reasons for hurtful tweets.

And that brings me back to another reason I am doing this de-clutter.  I have seen lots of hateful things being said/done via the social media (not even related to me) and it just pains me.  I worry about these things more than I admit, but I think about them in my spare time and I tend to get my feelings wrapped up in things that don't even involve me.  So again, this is just me- I'm setting myself out of it.  

So, if you were unfollowed, I'm sorry.  I have shifted my focus and how I want to run my life and some of the blogs I was reading, just don't have the same lifestyles as myself so I'm choosing to not read anymore.  Again, nothing personal. 

So, that's life these days for me.  

Thanks for letting me release! :)


  1. I totally respect you for doing that, I keep thinking that I need to do that too, I follow way to many people on twitter and I feel like I miss out on my own friends tweets. Good luck de-cluttering your life!

  2. girl it is totally your decision on who you follow and unfollow and if someone is gonna get butt hurt they will get over it. you have to do whats best for you!

  3. Who has anything negative to say about you?! That's absurd!!
    And, you're very wise to clean your life now of any negative influence of any type.
    Love ya sweet girl

  4. I just cleaned out who I follow last week and I am going to be cleaning out Facebook soon. I need to clean out Facebook, because I also miss a lot of the posts by my friends. It's your blog, your Facebook and your Twitter, so I say delete away!!!


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