Easter Weekend

Hope you each had a fantastic Easter weekend!  
I spent mine pretty low-key, which was nice considering last weekend's events.
 (When I was so sick I couldn't see straight!)

We closed at 3pm, so I was super happy to have an extra two hours of evening left.  I came home, and ended up cleaning out my laundry room and then doing a little yard work while B fired up the grill and we had had some delicious pork chops!  (Extra thankful for a man who can cook!)

I got up with B to get him sent off to work with this coffee, and then I laid back down in bed and didn't wake up until almost 10AM.  It's been a long time since I slept in like that.  I guess my body was just super tired.

I spent most of the day being lazy around the house, and playing with the dogs.  I snapped this shot of Roxie Jane. 

The furbabies don't make as many appearances on the blog anymore as they used to, so it was nice to get something decent of her to show.  Normally, they see me grabbing the camera or my phone and they run the other way.  

After lots of relaxing and checking my phone a gazillion times on the latest wedding details for Hallie, I knew I had to get up and get ready for church.  

My church does an annual Passion Play during Easter so I always try and go.  It's always good and always touches my heart.  We have SO much to be thankful for.  The sacrifice that Jesus made for us, as the real sinners, is remarkable.  

I wanted to try something new with my hair, and I had just the thing.  You see, the beautiful Stephanie, posted earlier last week about what she uses in her hair to get her famous "poof" so I took a shot and tried it myself.  After all, I had every thing she used sitting on my counter anyway.  PS.- If you don't own those bobby pins, go get some. I've used them for years now and still on the same canister.  It's worth the $5-6 you will spend! 
Anyway, there it is.  What do ya'll think? 
I think next time I'll even try maybe a larger poof.  This was my intro! ;)

So, B came and picked me up and we ate and then headed to the church. We met up with his sister and her family, as well as his little brother and his girlfriend.  I love this snapshot of us girls! 

That's Bethany (his sis), Lindsey (little brother's gf), and me.

It was such a powerful presentation and I'm always glad I get to see God working in my small town.  
Bro. Randy said Friday night's show led 44 people to being saved. ((Side note, at church he said Saturday night's attendance led another 42 people!))  

God was working! 

Easter Sunday!  Best summed up in: He is Risen

B and I got up and stirring and while I was working on hair and make up, my sweet man cooked me breakfast! Pancakes and bacon! Yummy!

And then as we were headed out the door, and parting ways for hopefully the last ever Easter, we snapped this picture!  It's not the best "portrait" but we were running late! 

Love this man with my whole heart!

I picked up my mom and Jenna and we headed to church, and then back to my mom's for lunch.  
Of course, we had to snap a picture!  I love it!

So, Sunday afternoon has called for lots of "clean up" around my house.  I like to make sure at the end of every month I have all my pictures from that month backed up and saved, so that got completed.  :)  I really love checking things off my list!

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend! 


  1. Loving the poof and glad you had a good Easter!!! The dog is super cute too!

  2. Sounds like you had a great Easter! I love the dress you wore! Adorable!

  3. Your hair poof looks great! And your Easter dress is super cute. Seems like a great weekend to me! Happy Monday girl!

  4. You're adorable! Glad you had such a good weekend/Easter!


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