-how responsive you beautiful ladies were to Monday's post about Control.  It means a lot more than you will ever know.  I try not to get down much, but sometimes we all just get in those moods and I have figured out talking about it helps sometimes just as much as anything. So a big thank you to all you wonderful ladies!

-that it's Wednesday.  This week is creepin', just saying.

-that I now have my wedding band in my possession, even though I can't wear it for another 6+months.
Gooooosh, I cannot wait to marry him.

-B's sweet tea.  Yes, seriously.  His is better than mine, I'll admit it.

-wearing pigtails.  I've been sporting it.  So what if I look five.
What are YOU loving??? :)

I'm also joining in today for the Bloglovin' link-up!


  1. umm I just died of cutness. you look adorable!
    I wish I could pull off pigtails. I look slightly like Pocahontas..


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