First Things First

First Things First

Today I'm joining in with the First Things First link-up! :)  I've recently discovered that Halie and I are wedding twins (meaning we are getting married on the same exact day) and that our sings are even similar shaped.  I think it's cute! :) So I've been getting to know her better, and I'm all in today! :)

First ever blog post:
I had no idea idea what I was doing (and really still don't..) but I rambled on about my dogs and how old I was, etc. The normal, nervous, first meeting someone chit chat.  Seriously, I always go into talking about my dogs when I'm nervous.
And I can't believe it, but I actually posted a picture on my first blog.  Score!  I showed you my furbabies.

Oh, and I was going on a date.  With a loser who I wish I hadn't blogged about.  Life, it's funny! ;) You can find my first blog post, here.

First ever comment:
Cassie replied to my post about not being able to publish any new blog posts.  Cassie is the reason I started this blog.  She had been reading blogs awhile, had one herself, and I joined in.  Thanks, Cassie!  Love you! :)

First ever blog-friend or friends:
Mallorie was the first person outside of IRL people that I knew that made contact with me.  And to this day, she is still one of my favorite blogs.  I've watched her go from engaged, to married, to a mother of a PRECIOUS little girl.  She is always trying a new DIY project (and making it look so easy!) to having a yummy recipe to share! She is a dear friend, and if you don't read her blog, you totally should go now.

Jenna was the first girl that I spoke to outside of the blogging world.  She was the first "blog friend" I exchanged numbers with and we have literally been best friends ever since.  She lives in Florida and I sit in Mississippi and dream of Florida.  She is there when you need her, and always ready to help.  I wouldn't trade our friendship for anything!

Amanda is the second person I exchanged numbers with from the blog world.  She had just recently given birth to her son, and was still getting over all the issues they had when he was born.  She is a fabulous mother and I encourage you to go read her posts.  She will have you laughing, informed, and feeling like you just reconnected with someone you've known your whole life!

And the last person for me who I have formed an incredible bond with is Hallie.  She and I are both engaged (and she is just DAYS away from becoming a MRS!) and it's like we could have planned the same exact wedding.  Our tastes are the same, our lives are the same, and I even think our men share a bit of the "twin action" going on.  She is my newest BFF, but one I see having for a lifetime!

I've met SO many amazing women along the way, and that's just naming a few.  But this blogging world is fantastic for meeting new friends you wouldn't have other ever met!

Come back next week, I'm joining in this link-up again!

P.S.- Are ya'll loving my new look as much as I am?  I'm currently in construction, but it's looking SOOOO good!!!


  1. Aaahhh!!! You're so sweet! And here I am, haven't posted in a month or so!

  2. You're little puppies are so so cute!! And I'm glad we've found each other, wedding twin! And I'm definitely glad you joined in with us for our link up this week!!! :)

  3. awww love this!!! Can't wait for my days of being single to be over!!!

  4. Love this post, Kayla! It always interests me how the people I follow got started with blogging.

    Loving the new blog layout too!

  5. I just love reading about why/how everyone started blogging. I know I def took a "turn" from where I was when I started blogging, and where I am now!

    LOVING the new layout...who did it!?

  6. loving your cute blog!

    just started following you on bloglovin! Would love for you to check out my blog!


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