Today's post isn't a funny one.  It isn't meant to be anything but REAL.

So today's topic is control.

To be more exact- birth control.  Ladies, I'm struggling with it.  A little back story: I changed my BC at my last appointment.  I loved my previous kind.  It never gave me mood swings, it kept me regular, and it kept the worst time of the month short and sweet.  It was fantastic for me.

So, you're probably wondering why I would change if it was that good to me.  Well, I wish I hadn't, BUT with a price tag of $70.00 a month, I simply had to let it go.  I work hard for my money, and the bills pretty much consume my paychecks, so that much of an extra expense, I just had to let it go.

So, enter the new kind- Lutera.

It's become my nightmare.  I literally DREAD taking it because it makes me feel like a crazy person.  I wish I was kidding.  And to make this worse, it's happening in the wrong time period of my life.  I'm trying to plan a wedding to the man of my dreams.  I know weddings themselves can be stressful, but with this added extra level of worrying, I'm just feeling lost.

This past Saturday when I went wedding decor shopping, it was like my head was spinning and I couldn't think a clear thought.  I mean I haven't even been on Pinterest looking for wedding ideas lately, and if you follow me on Pinterest, you KNOW how odd that is in itself.

But it's not just in the wedding department.  I feel on edge with every day things.  I hate the alarm waking me up because most of the night I spent lying awake and worrying over little stupid things.  So when the alarm goes off, I have barely been asleep during the night and the last thing I want to do is get up and back at it again.

I feel like every decision I make, I second guess myself.  Even little decisions about which shoes to wear to work.  I literally am driving myself crazy it feels like some days.  And I know women go through this all the time.  People swap BC and their hormones go into raging lunatic mode, but this has never happened with me.  So I need help ladies, is there any advice, tips, tricks that I can at least try so my man, family, and friends don't end up turning me into the crazy house?

I'm just down ya'll.  Like really down.  And I can't stand this feeling.

So, I don't do this often, but I'm asking for some prayers for me.  I want to feel normal again.  But there is some good news.  I have a friend who tried this kind and she said month 2 is much better.  I just started month 2, so let's pray it is!

Many thanks to you all..


  1. Praying for you. I know how stressful that can be. Chin up, girl. <3

  2. Ahhhhhh! The same thing happened to me about 8 months ago. I was on the name brand for Lutera but then my pharmacy stopped carrying it and just switched it to the generic Lutera without even TELLING ME. I figured it out at home but couldn't really do much so I started taking it.

    After three months I felt like a crazy psycho! I did not feel like myself at all I literally felt CRAZY! I ended up crying and calling my mom (I was away at college) telling her all these symptoms I was having and wondering if it could seriously just be my birth control. I ended up switching back and paying $70 a month again because feeling that crazy & not in emotional control was just not worth it. Eventually I was able to get into the gyno for a visit and found another generic to try that did end up working for only $10 a month.

    Seriously though you know your body & mind better than anyone and it sounds like you are feeling that same way that I did. If you feel this way, something is obviously wrong.

    Ugh just thinking about that experience 8 months ago upsets me terribly. I would keep track of all your feelings/symptoms and then call you lady doctor and let her know you think it could be related to the birth control. Sorry this is so long lol but I totally understand how you're feeling right now.

  3. Girl.
    Let me tell you. I agree! I was on the Nuva ring (and I LOVED it. no symptoms, i felt great, and it was SO easy!) for 4 months because I was given free samples by my doctor but when I had to buy it myself I realized that it was 97 bucks! and my husband and I couldn't afford that! so over time I tried two other kinds that were both pills and i hated them. I felt like a mess in my head and in my body. my cramps got worse and i was nauseous all the time.

    so we stopped.

    the doctor said that some people just don't do well with the pill in any dose. and they just live with it. but I didn't want to. so we are just doing the condom thing which honestly isn't that bad! I like it a lot and so does he (some guys don't but it is all personal preference) and i feel great, normal, and heathy. also, when we do want to get pregnant i do not have to go off birth control and deal with any of the risks and side effects of birth control.

    so pray about it. stay on the pill or switch again to get through the honeymoon and then start talking things over once your married and figure out what is best for you both!

  4. I'm right there with you. I suffer from endometriosis so I've legit been on probably 10 diff birth controls since high school (however I've never tried the one you are on). I just started seasonique 2 days ago (4 periods a year) because I was down for the count every week of my period. I will prob have to have surgery again over the summer, but I totally understand the way it can make you feel. You will be in my prayers! I'm sure you are making all of the right decisions about your wedding! Good news is, from what I've read, you have a good man :-)
    That's something to smile about for sure! Best of luck

  5. I agree with the 2 month should start getting better because your body will adjust. If after 2 months and you still don't feel any better, I would consider switching. there may be an equivalent generic to what you were taking. I got the inside scoop, I work in a pharmacy :)

  6. Can't switching pills just be easy?! I went through something similar. I moved 4 hours away and the pharmacy in town did not carry the pill I had no issues with for years. That's been 2 years and I have switched probably 4 times since!! I would try one out and wait a few months.... Some of the side effects you learn to deal with. Others you absolutely can't! One made me have severe headaches daily. My dr told me to wait 3 months to see if I adjusted to it. I just couldn't take it. She switched the hormone levels and continued with the same kind. I started having other issues at first but they were manageable. This is the end of my 3rd month and I am glad I waited for my body to get adjusted to it. I know you are under stress with the wedding planning. New pills and raging hormones sure do not help things. I know you don't want to hear it but I would wait until you take 3 full months to determine whether or not you want to switch. You don't need to keep switching especially before the wedding and get aunty flo all out of control.

  7. I would change the pill you are on. I had to deal with one that made me feel like I was PMS'ing every day of the month. That was horrible. I literally felt on edge all of the time. I switched immediately back to my regular one. I preferred Ortho TriCyclen-regular. Not the mini pill or whatever.

    Also. Love the new layout.

  8. Well this is interesting, because I just switched mine over, like last week. I think my body just got to used to my old one, and so I was getting two periods a month in January and February. I never really thought about the risks/craziness of switching, but now I'm kind of curious and nervous to see how my new one works for me, and if it effects me differently.

    I do think you should definitely keep track of all the symptoms and feelings, so that you can accurately describe to your gyno what's going on. Sorry you're feeling so rough right now!

  9. I would keep track of exactly how you feel and let your doctor know ASAP I am sure that cant be good to be so off the wall so to speak! Good luck girl!

  10. I'll DEFINITELY be praying for you, girl! I just switched my birth control last month, and luckily, I haven't seen much change....but I know how stressful/weird it can be. They told me that it would take my body 3 months to adjust to the new maybe you just need some time--which is so hard!
    Praying for peace, and comfort!

  11. I know I'm in the minority, but just get off of bc period. Look into natural family planning. I have never been on birth control for that reason - I don't want to deal with the emotional mess it can make you.

  12. Finding the right amount of what hormones that work can be really hard. I am still using the traditional hormones norethindrone and ethinyl estradiol (basically a necon pill, they have different doses for what works) I firmly believe in the pill being the safest form for many reasons, but that is when you find the right one for you. Hope it happens for ya soon!


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