A Glance Back...


A lot of times I love being able to look back at what was going on in years past.  Before I began blogging, I would have to go dig out my old planners and look it up.  Now, as a blogger, I can do this virtually.  

So, for the fun of it, I thought it would be fun to see what April 2013 held for me.  

Easter 2013 was nice and relaxing.  It was also the first time I mastered "the bump" hairstyle.  

I still do this look, a lot.  It's definitely one of my favorites and SO easy.

I shared some details about me and life in this Getting Deep post.

Brian and I joined his parents to see David Jeremiah

Annnd, the weirdest thing I found while glancing back.. I was 6 months away from being a Mrs.  It's amazing how time flies!

My life is blessed beyond what I could ever ask.  

The Lord continues to show me just how great He is if we are faithful to Him.

What were YOU doing a year ago?


  1. It's crazy to look back even just a year. We were in Florida. I was in the best shape of my life. Time to buck up and get back there!

  2. Looking back from last year to this year is so amazing...crazy how quickly things change in just a year it is incredible! Xx.

  3. ahhh. It's SO SO SO SO crazy how time flies.

  4. Love this idea and look at you with your cute bump hairstyle! April 2013 was filled with wedding planning for us, too!

  5. yes it is crazy how time flies!! Wait until babies are in the picture and it goes even faster! ;)


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