Wedding: 10 Things I Would Do All Over Again

Last week I saw a few bloggers making a list of things they would do all over again from their wedding day. Mine was so wonderful and perfect so I knew I wanted to join in!  Hope you enjoy! 

1. Use my grandmother's Bible in our ceremony instead of the traditional ring pillow.
Ever since my sweet grandmother passed, I've held onto her Bible dearly.  Inside she has scribbled various wedding dates, birth dates, etc.  It's a very special item to me.  When it came to deciding some of the details of our big day, I KNEW I wanted this Bible to be a part of my ceremony.  Brian's youngest nephew, Brad, had the honor of carrying this down the isle for us.  This is one of my favorite moments of the day.

2. Deciding to do "the first look" before our ceremony.
There are a lot of differing opinions for couples on if this is something they want to do.  Yes, it does take away from the "surprise" factor when the groom sees you for the first time, as does the rest of the guests.  Brian and I knew all along we wanted to do our First Look due to a number of things.  One, we were leaving for our honeymoon as soon as the wedding was over, so we were on more of a time crunch than a lot of couples.  Secondly, our location (while beautiful and all I could have ever dreamed it to be!) was just not set up for such a secluded thing to be carried out.  

Brian and I still got to have "our" moment, alone.  And it was perfect for us.  I would make that decision again in a heartbeat.

3. Spending the morning with my sweet mother. 
My mom is my best friend.  I had dreamed of my wedding day for years and every dream included my mom being there with me.  I got to watch her get her hair/make-up applied and get the royal treatment.  I got to see her smile at me and see her eyes glow as she seen me in my wedding gown.  I love you, Mom.  Thanks for being my biggest fan, always.

3. Having a wedding party that knows how to have fun!
I loved that our wedding party was game for all the funny pictures.  My ladies, and his men, were fantastic sports and made this day special for us both.  I still giggle looking at these crazy moments!

4. Getting pampered, completely.
My wedding destination was almost an hour away from my hometown.  This meant that going to the salon the day of the wedding was out of the question for me.  Luckily, a sweet friend of mine, and my hair and make up artist went out of her way and made the trip herself just to be able to help me feel beautiful for my big day.  Thanks, Lauren.  I felt amazing. 

5. Changing plans, at the last minute.
Originally, I was going to get ready at our wedding location.  But after some last minute thoughts, I changed my mind and found this cute little bed and breakfast that's hidden in a small Southern town nearby.  It worked out so beautiful.  The pictures from "my" shoot are gorgeous.  I definitely want to plan a trip back to this place to take some more pictures of it's history.

6. Making sure my groom's table was as fabulous as he is!
Brian is a serious tool-freak.  When it came time to look for his cake, I knew exactly what he would love.  I found a picture of a similar cake and showed it to our baker.  She did more than a fabulous job.  We are STILL hearing compliments on how great it turned out AND how delicious it tasted!  Win/Win for us!

7. Approve these guys all over again!
In case you can't read the letters, it spells out "Don't Do It Brian".  During the prayer, I heard lots of shuffling around and you can imagine my reaction when I opened my eyes to find these crazy guys on the ground.  I had no idea until AFTER the wedding and reception that their shoes had the funny message all along! Such pranksters, but I love each and every one of them!

8. Pick our rustic theme.
From the day we were engaged, I knew I wanted a fall/rustic wedding.  One of my first "visions" was having white pumpkins at our wedding.  For those of you who don't know, our last name is "White" so the significance is there. 
I found these beautiful pumpkins at a local farmer's market and had a co-worker paint them for me.  I still love the way they all turned out.  A vision come true!

9. Pick all these special friends/family again!
I love the friendships and bonds that we have with our bridal party.  Brian loves my girls, and I think the world of his guys. We truly feel like God handed us each and every one to make our lives complete.

10. Pick my photographer again & AGAIN!
This lady may have started out as my pick for the big day, but she has turned into one of my BEST friends.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that I have found my lifelong family photographer.  She is such a sweet person who is willing to go above and beyond to make the big day all you've dreamed of as a bride.  Her wonderful husband helps her and Brian and I feel like they are some of the best people we have found in this lifetime.  God gives us those we need in our lives.  I'm looking forward to this lady being right beside me for Baby White's arrival (whenever that comes!)

Well, that's it.  My wedding day was the day I had dreamed of for years.  I married my best friend and found myself surrounded by a group of the best family and friends we could ask for in this life.  October 12, 2013 changed my life.  And thus, Mississippi Mrs. was born.


  1. Ha! The "Don't do it brian" made me laugh! It's fun to look back at all the memories that made your wedding yours!

  2. Your photographer did a phenominal job! Love all these "behind the scences" photos!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. You were a stunning bride! And I love the detail of using your grandmother's Bible -- the sweetest!

  4. You were a beautiful bride! Sounds like you had such a fun wedding party! I laughed out loud at the guys "message" on their shoes, so funny. You nailed it with the rustic theme - everything looked amazing!

  5. You and your mama are so beautiful! I loved the rustic theme and the pumpkins are to die for! My husband and I did a sneak peek too and I loved the few moments of peace for just the two of us before the crazy day started!

  6. Hello Kayla. It's been a while and WOW your wedding was beautiful! I love it. All of it.


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