Birthdays and babies!

                                      Looks like November is the time to make a baby. 
                                                                             Say what?
                                                         Birthday cake
Well, today's post is going to be all about birthdays..
No, not mine... silly peeps, I'm a March baby.  My parents chose June as their  playground. 
So, what's all this birthday talk about you ask?  Well ladies, we have some special birthday people today. 
First up, head on over to Lauren's page and wish this lovely lady a big happy birthday.  Yes, she is birthday baby #1 today.  While you're there, play along with Fill In the Blank Friday: Birthday edition!
1.   My most favorite birthday was       my sweet 16 birthday.  Hillary already her license and we cruised the town after my party.  Sweet.    .

2.  My worst birthday was   23rd.  Just a funk of a whole year.  blah.   .

3.  My favorite birthday memory is    coming home from work to an empty apartment, only to find all my friends hiding behind curtains and doors.  SURPRISE!  .

4.  The best birthday present I've ever received was  This is a tough one.  I always love all my gifts..  .

5.  The  best birthday present I've ever given was      uhhh, friends? Little help here?  .

6.  Birthdays are       SO MUCH FUN.  I love getting to eat cake (no matter whose party it is..) and see someone get some gifts they love.     .

7.  My favorite age so far has been       27.  This year has been the most rewarding year for me. 
                                             Hope you played along.. if not.. GO DO IT NOW.
Now, birthday baby #2- Lindsey over at The Bargain Blonde.  (Not that you are ranked second in my book doll, just sayin!)
This gal is freakishly beautiful, funny as all get out, and hopefully not currently sliced up in an alleyway somewhere.  No really.  Lindsey and Beth, from Sweet Bef, are meeting up today.  Totally kidding about her being sliced up.  These two are crazy and funny and going to have a ball today!  Please go check their blogs out and wait on the edge of your seat with me for their vlog.   
                                      So there's my shoutouts to two awesome
                                                           birthday girls!!!!!!!
Now, as you all know.. this is Jenna's birthday party weekend.  Her actual birthday isn't until Aug. 18th, so you see.. It really is a birthday kind of day. 
&& stay tuned... the "before" party post will appear later today! :)


  1. Okay so seriously I had NO CLUE you're 27! You look SO SO YOUNG! WOW! Take that as a compliment because I meant it that way!! You've got some goooood genes girl!

  2. Awww this was sooooo sweet! Thank you soooooo much Kayla! and ummm that minnie mouse styrofoam thing you made is freaking ADORBBBBB!!!!!


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