Let the good times roll..... without me.

As most of you already know by now, I am probably already in Gatlinburg by the time you are even reading this.  That's right.. we left at midnight and I am more than likely in a very, very delirious state right about now.  Wouldn't you want to be in a car with me?

I am pumped to bring your some fantastic ladies to keep you entertained while I am away.  Now, just don't get too excited.  I know they are more exciting than I am.. but this is still my hole in the world.  Got it? :)

First up we have Raven.  Okay, let's be honest- first time I saw her blog my first thought was how pretty she is and how insanely cute her kids are.  For real, check them out!  And then I started reading and I quickly realized just how funny and entertaining she is on top of the gorgeous looks. 

Now, before I let her take the stage, I have to tell you that if you read nothing else from this girl (although I know you will..) then you MUST read this blog entry.  I absolutely saw this playing out in my mind and laughed for the longest time.  In fact, I read it to my mother who also laughed incredibly hard for a long time.  Needless to say, Raven is one of my fave blogs.  

Now, I'll stop talking and let her have the show...

Hey there! I'm Raven from A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers


I'm so glad to be guest posting over here for the lovely Kayla. I thought today I would talk about how to be a successful blogger (in my never to be humble opinion), or rather, how to be a successful funny blogger. There is nothing I love more than coming across a blog I find hilarious and makes me literally laugh out loud. 

Now before I go on, I am not in any way saying that I myself am a successful blogger (because there are many blogs much more successful than mine) and I'm also not saying that I am a successful funny blogger, because only your readers can decide that for you. However, I have gotten feedback from my readers that they do find me entertaining, to say the least, so here are my rules of thumb I have learned over the years as to making people laugh.

If you think what you have just written is funny and will knock your readers socks off? Don't start out the post with "This could possibly be the funniest thing you have ever read," because that could potentially set you up for disaster. See, if you lead with a statement like that, then you have set a super high standard and the reader will expect nothing less than "the funniest thing they have ever read."

If you just write your funny story like you were writing about the weather, that is what makes it humorous. It's that dry humor that really gets people. So don't tout yourself as "funny" and please oh please, whatever you do, never write the words "LOL or ROTFL" on your own blog post when you are referring to yourself. Cardinal funny blogger rule number one!

In other words, don't toot your own horn. Let your readers do it for you.


Make fun of yourself. This one is pretty obvious. No one likes to laugh at themselves (except maybe me) but they love to laugh at others misfortunes. Don't hold anything back. The more embarassing the sitation is for you, the funnier it will be to your readers. 

One of the pages I have bookmarked and always use is an online thesaurus dictionary. Seriously guys, I use this constantly. Let's say I want to write something like, "I was so confused." Instead of using the word confused, I go to the thesaurus and look up alternative words. So instead, I may write, "I was so befuddled." Another example; instead of saying "she is so ugly," I would write, "she is so beastly."

It's just a tool I use on a regular basis to make my blog posts a little more charismatic.

 Finally, write about things that make people uncomfortable. Be random. Don't be politically correct. Like I said earlier, make fun of your own shortcomings. Be self-deprecating. Everyone loves to laugh, just not at themselves.

Hope that was some helpful information! You can visit me anytime over at my blog and hopefully I can give you a few laughs. But only you can be the judge of that.

p.s. This article has some great points also about being a humorous blogger.


Okay, didn't you LOVE her?  I thought so..   Now go on back over to her page and show her some love!!!


  1. Love Raven!
    Love this post!

  2. Who doesn't love Raven? She's a crazy biotch that EVERYONE wants to be like, right? Now if we can just get her to be in love with someone else besides Britney....

  3. great info!



  4. Raven, Raven, Raven. My key to being funny is not sitting down and "trying to be funny". If you try to be funny it never works. Personally, I just write exactly how I talk and I think that comes across in my posts. All my friends IRL tell me that the can totally hear me saying everything they read. My advice is just to be you and develop your own writing voice!

    Great tips Ravey Baby. ha.


  5. Why haven't I heard of Miss Raven before now?!

    Gotta check her out!


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