Secret Spinach Smoothie

What do you get when you have a fantastic bargain and add a gorgeous blonde to it?

Well, duuuuh!   The Bargain Blonde!

I am so pumped that Lindsey is on my blog today.  She is one of my fave blogs to read and let's just face it- the girl can find a deal.  And you all know I love deals.. so she pulls at my heart strings. 

And, not only is she gorgeous and funny and has a terrific blog, but she is seriously sweet.  Sometimes you can find a blog you enjoy, you read a few posts and decide to comment... and never get a response.  Now I am just going to be flat out honest.. that makes me want to stop reading.  I mean if you can't take time to just simply say thanks for something then well.. you know... But Lindsey has ALWAYS written back, and that counts.    I know you know what I'm talking about...

So with allll that said.. check this girl out.  She is fabulous.

Hello Keeping Up With Kayla followers!  I'm Lindsey over at The Bargain Blonde and I dish on living the fab life on a budget.  I'm flattered Kayla asked me to guest blog while she's on vacay, so I figured I would share a little secret I recently discovered, but first, I thinks it's important I make you aware of a few things about moi:
1) I never have time to eat breakfast during the work week because I love sleep more than food.
2) I love fruit smoothies.
3) My clothes currently don't fit so I'm forced to wear dresses or skirts most days of the week.  Sad, but true.
It's time to do something about #3, which means I am forcing myself to make time for breakfast.  If I start my day off right with a healthy breakfast, then I'm less famished throughout the day, which means I ultimately make better food choices.  Win-Win, right?  This is where the "Secret Spinach Smoothie" comes into play.
A while back, I posted about this fab hot pink blender I scored on sale for $17.99 at Target.
I got a few comments from my readers telling me to add spinach to my smoothie and that they swore "I wouldn't be able to taste it."  My first thought? Hell to the no.  I am not putting spinach in a fruit smoothie. SICK. However, after enough convincing, I tried it and to my surprise, I could NOT taste the spinach.
So here I am passing this spinach smoothie secret onto you.  It's so quick and easy to make (I pour mine in a to-go cup to take to work) and won't add any more inches to your thighs. 
Here is my recipe, which I hope you will love as much as me.  I add everything to the blender in the order listed below.
Enjoy! Thanks for having me Kayla!


Well there you have it girls.  Now everyone run along and buy some Spinach... && check out Lindsey's blog!


  1. Aww Kayla, your lead in/intro about me was soooo sweet!!!!! Thanks again for having me on your blog! I hope your readers enjoy my little smoothie concoction.

  2. Okay, I need that blender!

    I actually like believe it or not, I'm not even afraid to try this.

    Great guest post!

  3. I've been doing something like this ... for 3 meals a day (and having a regular fourth meal) I'm actually getting my veggies for the first time in my life... though I could totally go with that blender!


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