What a trip..

I know it has taken me like too many forevers to get this going on here, BUT, in my defense I have been sick and I haven't felt much like blogging.  In fact, I have not even read most of your lovely ladies posts since the week BEFORE I left.  I know, I'm a terrible friend.

So, that leads me to the fact that I have no idea really where to start so I am going to jump straight into my vacation. 

We had orginally planned to leave out at midnight the night of the 7th, but the closer it got, the more anxious we got so we ended up pulling out at 10:00!  I didn't know how I was going to handle sitting in a car ALL night long with no sleep, BUT I made it.  Yes, I was quite delerious once we did in fact get there, but that's beside the point, yes?

We rolled into Gatlinburg about 3 Am and ended up where else but Wal-Mart? Tammy ended up FALLING asleep in the parking lot and now I'm wondering why I didn't get a picture of this sight.  Like I said, I was half out of myself. 

We ended up going over to some friends condo and hanging out until it was okay to check into our room.  Once we got in there, it was showers and right back out the door.  Still no sleep.   Tammy and I were starving so we chose to eat at Bennett's BBQ.  Oh my yummy-goodness.  It was fantastic and I'm not sure how I ate the AMOUNT of food that I did.  I will not discuss that because it makes me a fat kid and I'm clearly not.  Shut up haters

Tammy @ Bennett's!
Later that night, with STILL no sleep, we ended up downtown just walking through Gatlinburg.  I honestly have to say I can't remember much about this, LOL.  This girl likes her sleep. a lot.   

After a good night's rest, I woke up the Friday morning ready to rock and roll!  We went to Cade's Cove and it was everything and then some what I expected it to be.  It was absoutely a beautiful day and with a great great group of people.  We looked all day but never saw a bear while were at Cade's Cove, but we did see a wolf.  Yes, I have a picture to prove it.
Here are just some other random shots I got during Cade's Cove...


Can I get married here? Please..

Saturday morning, us ladies got up and went yard saling.  Yes, I went to yard sales while I was on vacation in the mountains.  I told ya'll I have a sickness and you didn't believe me.  After that, I was fortunate enough to get to meet up with Hillary, Jeff, Mert, and Bill and have lunch with them at Blaine's Bar & Grill.  Although we had to WALK UP to the third floor level to eat, it was good.  But fat kids don't need to be walking up that many stairs.  Maybe fat kid needs to learn to eat better, hehe!

We ventured over to the Arts and Crafts Community after that and stopped along the way at some of the shops.  My fave one was the Alewine Pottery place.   These people make some amazing pottery pieces and I ended up buying two coffee mugs for my mom and dad, that conviently read "Nana" and "Poppop" on them.   Both of them were tickled to death to get them.  And how FUN is that to end up finding a coffee mug with such a name as "Poppop" on it?  LOL! :)  Jenna has started a trend.. :)  While we were there we sat outside in some rocking chairs and listened to a few songs by a couple.  It really was a good time!

I really liked Mrs. Beach Bear.

HA!  This needs to be on the table at the wedding reception... =)
Sunday we took a drive and ended up at Clingman's Dome.  When my mama warned me this was a hike, I didn't understand that I was close to DYING trying to get my fat kid butt up there.  The sign reads 0.5 miles.... UHHHHH... that has got to the longest and most painful 0.5 mile of my life.  But was it worth it?  Absolutely.  The view from up top is breath taking and by the time I got up there, the cool air was feeling good, ha!!!  (I'm quite sure this has a lot to do with my STILL being sick though.. 6643 ft in the air is some serious elevation changes from good ole flat Mississippi.) 
God's beautiful creation.
On the way to Clingman's Dome!

Isn't he a doll?!?!?!?

Tammy at the BOTTOM of Clingman's Dome since she chickened out on me!!!!
On our way out of Clingman's Dome we ran into a little surprise- a baby bear!!! =)   It was sitting in the top of a tree having a snack, hehe.  We pulled over and snapped some photos!

Isn't he/she precious!??!?!?!??!!?

The rest of the trip we just did as we as pleased as far as shopping and more sight seeing.  We did run into a Mama bear and two cubs though!

Playing in the creek!

I love these people!!!!!!!!!
I am absolutely blessed beyond measures that I have friends like this that are close enough as family to me.  I had a blast with them and cannot wait to go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But before I end this massive picture overloaded post, I have got to tell you the story that MADE the trip. 

We had rode over to Choctaw one day to see the Indian reservation up there and on our way back toward Gatlinburg we were having a discussion about how screwed someone would be if they hit a deer/bear... well OUR luck... we are driving along and out tumbles this black figure and we BARELY missed the stupid thing.  I mean we honestly pulled over and checked the car, we were THAT close.   Of course by this point we were all about to pee on ourselves from laughing at the luck we were having.  But thankgoodness no one got hurt because I'd hate to be sitting here talking about the bear battered car. LOL.

Well ladies, I think I left out tons.. but I have tried for days to get this up so I'm going to count my lucky stars this much happened!  And I promise to get back on blogger better....

MUAH! :)

P.S.- OH, and word to the wise- never ever eat at Dick's.   They hire based on the name.


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