Friday has come again!

And ya'll should know by now, that means I'm linking up with Lauren today... and you should too!

1.   When I was a kid I wanted to be    teacher    when I grew up.
2.   As an adult, my dream job would be   Optometrist      .

3.  W hen I was younger I wanted to be just like  my mama   .

4. The childhood Halloween costume that I remember most was when I was    my yellow Belle dress, from Beauty and the Beast.  It rained that Halloween and it stuck to me- LOL   .

5.  My favorite childhood toy was    Barbie.  Of course if you know in IRL then you know WHY I had so many now- and if you don't know me IRL- then you should know my MOM is obsessed with Barbie... I need to post about this .

6.  The time I got into the biggest amount of trouble when I was a kid was when I     broke the ceiling fan, and yes I am serious.  My mom and I were "playing Barbies" and I was putting them up there as she held me up to it and we were manually spinning it... and it fell down.  Dad was pissed. haha.   .
7.  I get daily inspiration from    Pinterest and my pretty blog friends!  .


Ladies & gents,
I am ready to get today o-v-e-r with and start the weekend!  I should have some good pictures/stories to tell come Monday.

I am seeing my man tonight.. I know I still haven't given ya'll much more details on it.  But rest assured- I like him even MORE these days than I did at last post.. so things are going well. :)

And then in the morning my mom, sister in law, niece, and myself are headed shopping in Tupelo.   Jennifer wants to get started on Jenna's Christmas and me and mom are basically going to entertain the kid.. but that's what we wanted to do!

Then Sunday, after church, I'm headed to a movie with the new guy's mom and my mom (and Cassie if you come.. haha.) I'm looking forward to it and we are going to see Footloose so ya'll know this girl is excited about that!!! 

That's about all I got ladies!  Everyone have a fantastic weekend!!!!

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  1. My dad is an optometrist and was so disappointed that out of 6 daughters, none of us wanted to follow in his footsteps. He'd love you!

    Have a great weekend!


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