The weekend round-up.

Good Monday morning, darlings.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend like I did.  They just seem to get faster and faster!

Friday night after work, I spent the night wrapping up all the Christmas gifts that I had left to do.  Well, I wrapped until 10:30 when I aboslutely had to go to bed or fall over asleep wrapping gifts... But I woke up Saturday morning and finished it up!  So, YAY for me on being caught up on that... until I buy the rest, ha!

Then, yours truly, actually did a Pinterest project.  *shocked faces.*

After all that fun, I went to town with my mom to help her pick out her Christmas present from my daddy.  (Yes, she picked out her own gift....)  And then it was back home for a little relaxation before my work Christmas party.

Brian went with me this year.  He is the first one I've ever taken to a work party so it was sort of a big deal to me.  I don't take just anyone around things like that, but this one is a keeper and I felt safe with it, ha!

Christmas Party 2011
That's us at the party.  Thanks, Cassie, for taking the pictures for us until we got it right- ha! :)

We had a good time, with plenty of laughs, at our table!  Especially Cassie and her pie fetish, hahaha! =) 

After a good night of food and fun, we headed home and just laid around.  Hey! That's what you do after you stuff your face, yes?

Sunday afternoon naps were a common thing in my house yesterday.
Roxie, knocked out. :)

Sweet Reagan and I, lazing around.
After a two hour nap (I know, I know.), I got some amazing news!  My brother and Jenn took Jenna to get her ears pierced!  FINALLY!  Mom and I have been trying to convince them since she was born.  

So, it was a good weekend around my neck of the woods... Hope yours was too!

And last, but certainly not least....
I love this man with my whole heart.

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