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Two posts in one day...Now THAT is something to love :)

I'm loving.. that my work Christmas Party was this past Saturday night, and that Brian got to go with me! & everyone got to meet him!

I'm loving...that I had a great lunch with Brian's mom yesterday! 

I'm loving... that I LOVE his mom, like for real.  It sure would suck to hate her.. LOL. 

I'm loving... that Brian's little brother and I already have a "pick at each other" relationship.   It makes it fun and easy-going! 

[Okay.. I'll stop with B's family.. haha.]

I'm loving.. this sweet little picture of Roxie Jane...She isn't sweet like this often.. I have to take what I can get! :) 
I'm loving... that we are 10 days away from Christmas! I can't wait to see Jenna's face as she opens her gifts this year!

I'm loving... that it's almost time for Mom and I to start making Christmas candy!  I love it!!! Good laughs and memories are always made!

&&&& last, but certainly not least..

I'm loving... MY MAN! :)
So what are YOU loving???

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