I heard the greatest news this morning!!!

Okay, so maybe not the greatest... but it was darn good. 

Melissa and Tye have a show coming on!!!!!!!!!!  Can we say HELLO REALITY TV JUNKIE! =)

I still love, love, love Melissa.  And while I'm still mad that she got done SO wrong while on Bachelor, I LOVE even more than she is with her true love.  They are SO stinking cute!!! I can't wait for this show!   Who is watching with me?

On another note, I'm wishing I were here...

My back porch... with a big glass of sweet tea..


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 Coastal Holiday, Sand Beach
See.. empty umbrella = Kayla's spot.

Have a lovely day, pretties!


  1. I loved Melissa on the Bachelor! And on Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders! Did you ever watch that? She made the team the year before she went on the Bachelor and I was so shocked when I saw her get out of that limo. Anyways, I'm sure I'll be watching when it comes out! Do you know when it'll be?

    And I totally wish I was on my front porch today reading a good book...but school and work are calling. Boo!

    Happy Tuesday! xo

  2. I love your back porch!!! and of course I love sweet tea!!! :)

  3. I am SO excited about Melissa's new show!! I have always loved her (and I'm kinda glad Jason dumped her cause she deserves better! :))


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