I'm tardy.

Sorry, kids, I wanted to use that word. It's been ages.

Fun Fact: Did you know my 10 Year Class Reunion is coming up?  Talk about scary.  I am very anxious to see everyone though and see what is going on in their lives.  I mean, yes, we have Facebook and we are "friends" on there, but c'mon.. who ever has much more of a "I stalked you" relationship on there anymore?  This girl doesn't. 

Yes, if you are my friend on FB, then I have at some point stalked you.  There I said it.  Guilty as charged. 

Back on track, I'm tardy... hehehe. I said it again. :)

Okay, okay, I'm focusing.  I'm late on a post that is well worth the wait I assure you.  It's about my friends.  And you can't go through life without some good friends. 

These are the girls I owe my life to.  Each one of them has shaped me into the woman I am today.  Each one has blessed with different things.  Some I have laughed hysterically with, some I have soaked their shoulders as I have cried, and some I've sat in complete silence with and had an incredible conversation. 

God blessed me beyond measure when He saw fit for these ladies to come into my life. 

I wish I had some good old photos to add to this post.  I am making a note to dig some out, sorry girls.  Let me see if I can talk a little bit about how I come to meet all these lovely ladies.

Oh, duh, I guess I should introduce them.  From left-right, Hillary, myself, Meredith, Mandi, and Whitney

Hillary- 7th grade.  First memory- She came running up to Whitney and I on the "playground" and told Whitney that her mom was having a baby.  Talk about a lasting impression... ;)  You see H & W were already friends, so I guess it sorted of happened naturally after that.  I knew we were friends when she sent me a marker drawer picture of my name.  THAT was true friendship.   And someone else please tell me you know what I'm talking about......
Hillary is one whom you will hear me call "sister" because I've always felt like she was just that.  She and I have had some good, funny, memories I'll always, always cherish.  And the day she moved from Corinth was one of the worst days of my life.  I still hate thinking about it.  But she found her soul mate there, and is now happily married with a cuuuuute little house.  I'm happy for her. 

Skip me. ;)

Meredith- I'm not sure WHEN I met Meredith, but I know I knew her before anyone else in the group.  My dad knew her dad and I'm thinking just from random moments in life.  Is that bad? Meredith, do you know??? haha.  Best Memory- Last year's beach trip with the girls.  Mert and I had were sitting on the beach having one of those famous girl heart-to-heart talks and she completely stunned me.  She gave me some advice that I am eternally grateful for.  She brought me out of my rut and made me finally realize just how bad my ex was for me.  That moment my whole life changed.  And I owe her a million times over for giving me that precious gift. 
She recently got married and is now going to have us a precious baby boy!  I can't wait to see her again.  Sometimes living far away really really sucks.  So, let's plan a visit!

Mandi- I wish I'd had more time with Mandi.  She had to move too when we were in high school.  (What is up with all my friends moving away????) I remember being at her house the last time before she left.  We were having a girls' sleepover and I had to go home early that night.  My dad called and my grandmother had passed away.  I still hate that I had to leave the fun night, but my mom was in need of her daughter. 
There is something I'm glad of though.  Mandi moved off, but that led Mert to finding her man and her happiness.  If Mandi had never been re-located, then Mert's life might be different today.   Funny how things happen isn't it?

Whitney- Oh my goodness again.  This girl and I have been joined at the hip since 5th grade.  She and I were in the same class and our teacher made us get in "groups" in the class one of the first few days of school.  Whitney and I were literally shoved into each other.  We hit it off immediately and still do have a wonderful bond. We survived going to different colleges, living hours apart, and now she is back in our hometown!  She is happily married to her high school sweetheart and has two little boys.  Life is good for her.  
Fun fact:  She and I used to sit on the phone, in complete silence, and watch Saved by the Bell together.  No lie.  Oh, and we also planned our future houses from the JCPenney catalogs.  

Do you see why these girls make my life go better with them in it?  They are my best friends.  They are irreplaceable. 

So, as I mentioned, we recently went to Knoxville to have Meredith's wedding shower.  Yes, after she was already married, but the girl changed her wedding date a gazillion times (love you Mert!) so we stuck with that date. ha! 

We had lots of laughs..

The normal poses for pictures..

And watched Mert open up gifts!

We found out a week before the shower that Mert and her hubby were going expecting, so us girls stopped and picked up a cute little baby gift, just for giggles.  We will all get it a big real gift later, but we can say we got Baby King's first gift! :)

Boogie Wipes.  Welcome to Motherhood, Mert!

I am SO glad I have these wonderful women in my life.  You are all such an inspiration and blessing to me!  And it is great to know that after all these years, distance, and life's curveballs that we can all still call each other any time of the day/night and have a confort in our hearts.

Miss you girls, a lot. 


  1. why are you so freakin sappy? ugh. I remember sitting at taco bell telling you I was moving, and you knew before I even said it. I love you sister and miss you daily, and there's so many times I want to call you and tell you I'm on my way over to pick you up to go ride around (and go to the carwash of course). I'm hugging you from Tennessee right now.

  2. Well, I can't KEEP up with Kayla...so today I'm CATCHING up with Kayla!! I love all of y'all so much and wish we weren't all spread out on the map! But you're right...our random movements and decisions over the years have all been part of God's plan and who knows what He has planned next :) We're all so blessed in our individual lives and beyond blessed to have each other to still share a friendship that's been through so much. I'm so glad our little 'talk' helped you to move to a happier place in life. You deserve all the best in the world!


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