A whaaaaaaaaat?

I really did have a post to make, but I have to tell you about how I woke up in the worst way this morning. .....

I wear contacts.  As in, homegirl is BLIND without the glasses or contacts, so once I got up and stumbled to the bathroom dreading coming to work, pop the contacts in, and look in the mirror.  I was horrified. 

Sorry I don't have any pictures of what I saw, but I wasn't exactly thinking about a photo session at the moment.   Ladies, I had a TICK on my forehead. 

Now, I promise that I showered AND washed my hair last night, and even washed the sheets on the bed yesterday.  The only thing I can figure is that it fell out of a tree.  I spent yesterday afternoon walking back and forth to my shed putting things up.  I'm assuming the little creature did it's deed then.

So I see this ugly thing, call my dad (since they only live less than a minute away from me) and he doesn't answer.  So I called my mom's work (the hospital).  Luckily she answered, and bless her heart, I probably scared her to death.  As soon as I heard her voice I started screaming "I'm on my way up there!!!!".  I know she probably was thinking I'd had a wreck or something awful.  She started screaming back "WHY????" and I told her about my tick.  She then calmed down.   That made ONE of us.  I was completly losing it.  

I got there, walked in, and she got it out without a problem.  The little thing hadn't really took ahold of me yet. THANKFULLY.  But still.. I've itched all day and felt like a million things are crawling on me...

Monday's shouldn't start this way...........

That's all folks...

& by the way, I've scratched my head about 100 times just writing this blog... no lie.


  1. hahaha...I am not laughing at you, but this is something that would totally happen to me! I am sorry your morning started like this! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, I've had one in my ear before. It's so not funny! I feel your pain, girl!

  3. OMG how funny! The other day I got one on my back...I have no clue how it goet there either...I had just cleaned and changed the sheets too! I was itching my back and I thought it was a mosquito bite...anyways I looked at my back in the mirror and FLIPPED OUT. The hubs was walking in the door from work and I started screaming and he thought something was REALLY wrong. Anyways he got it out in like one second, it must not have been really attached either. Regardless I have been itching NONSTOP since that happened!


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