Who is your DOPPEL-GANGER?

Gosh, that sounds ugly.   And sexual.  Weird sexual, I mean.  Not the good stuff.

I should shut up right now.

Okay, okay, so I've seen all my favorite ladies doing this post and I knew I needed to embarrass myself and do it too.

But first I had to find out what a dopple-ganger was exactly... 

Luckily it was nothing like I imagined.  And it's quite funny.

Raven, oh the lovely Raven... she started all this fuss.  So I give her the credit.  It's not nice to not give the woman credit where she is due..
Be sure and check out her blog.  You will fall in love with her.  And then you will hate her when she sails off to Hawaii again...                      

Okay, it's time.  I've put it off long enough.


So, using this picture...

I got this...

Sorry about the picture.. I just snapped it with my iphone.. I didn't know what else to do. haha.

Now, okay.. am I really that hideous!  I know I have these massive cheeks.. but am I gross looking like her??   I am going to cry. 


Okay, so I hit More Results.

This didn't work out well for me either.


But it found my nose.  My little stupid blog of a nose.   

Thanks, Dominic, I almost got away with it.  

So, was that fun enough?  Well, don't fret.  I didn't think it was fair to leave my Mr. out of the fun.  So I'm doing him. 

And he doesn't even know it.

[evil laugh.]

So, my sweet, sweet B...

I used this picture:

and got this...

He got creepy woman too. 

[crying again]

I'm dating Jlo. 

Not bad, for a non-lesbian.  At least she's hot. LOL!

Okay, okay.. enough fun has been made around here today. 

Ya'll please keep these coming.  I am entertained by this. 

And again, thanks Raven.  You made my week.


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