My favorite day of the week is here again!  Yipppppeeee!!!

As always, I'm linking up with Jamie and you should be too!

I'm loving...
This picture of B's foot from this past weekend's tractor pull. I told him I felt like I was dating big foot. =)

I'm loving...
 The furbabies, Reagan and Roxie.  Life just wouldn't be the same without them around.. to tear things up. :)

I'm loving...
that my Erin Condren planner is showing "printed" on my order screen.  Yes, I am late buying one. But I just never could make myself spend $50.00 on a planner that I wasn't sure I'd like.  (Even though every blog I read almost has one and loooooves it.)  So I waited until they were on sale, and then scored a deal from Plum District, and got mine ordered for $23.00.  I can handle $23. LOL.  Oh, and I might have already made the statement that if I love it as much I think I will, that I'll take one for Christmas this year from someone! ;)

I'm loving...

My sweet family. :)  That's my dad, mom, niece, and me! :)

& as always, I'm loving...

The man that makes me whole world go right. :)  I love you, sweetie!

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  1. visiting from the link up...you'll love the erin condren planner! they'll send you a coupon for $10 off (or should) on a future order of something that never expires!

  2. omgosh I LOVE your furbabies!! I have a mini doxie!!! :)))
    new follower! over from the link up!



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