B, sweetie..

Calm down.  The blog is up.  

Ladies, I have a story to tell before I can make a post.  You see, B reads my blog.  Like daily.  I've always knew he was my #1 fan, but really, he is! With that said, I get a text yesterday morning from B asking when my blog will be up.  I tell him that I forgot my cord to the camera at home, so it would be after work before I can get the pictures uploaded onto my work computer.

So, okay.. fast forward to after lunch.  I get another text from B asking when the blog will be up and he tells me he is ready to read it.  Well, sadly, I forgot the cord at home during lunch. (Crazy, crazy, crazy lunch hour!) so I had to explain to him it would be today before this was up.. I think he was heart broken. 

So, ladies, I'm sorry I'm late on this post, but B, I'm REALLY sorry baby.  I love you and I love that you want to read my blog.  But I think it's because you know I talk about you the most, haha! jk!

So, this ole' blog... How about we re-cap the weekend, shall we?

Friday night right after work I went to B's nephew's ballgame.  B didn't get to come because he had to work late, but that's okay. :) We met up at my house afterwards and he took me out to eat and to get ice cream.  Spontaneous date night.  It was SO nice to get out with him!  I just love being out in public with him, holding his hand, and others seeing the love of my life.  Truly.

Saturday morning I stayed home instead of yard sales (gasp!) but I wanted to get the house cleaned up a little and get some things done before the day started.  So once B got off work at lunch, my family and I took the boat to Pickwick and spent a few hours just cruising the water and letting Jenna bugg play.  She did SO good with the boat and water this year.  She has always been a "water baby" but I was a little nervous about the boat since she was still really young last time she was on there, but she wasn't phased at all. 

After we got home, B and I went home and got a QUICK shower and got dressed to head out the door again.  This time we loaded up with Mom & Dad and went to Ripley to a tractor pull.  B just really enjoys those things and I know my dad loves that he does.  In fact, dad is always making comments about how B likes his tractors and the tractor pulls. ha!

It was a jam-packed weekend, but I loved it.  There is just nothing quite like time with the family and my man! :)


  1. So fun! I LOVE that he loves your blog. Hubby loves mine too and it's just so sweet! You've got a keeper ;-) And seriously when did Jenna bug get SO DANG BIG?! She is so sweet and I just can't believe she has grown up so much!!! I have a feeling she will be a great big cousin some day ;-) hehehe Okay I'll stop...No more comments like that until there's a ring! ha!


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